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Back from Lyon!!

hey all

haha glad to see the original topic i posted garnered so many replies..;..haha though the original message (an invitation to join me or meet up with me at the tourney) was lost and became a forum for talk about the latest results....well anything that generates interest is great by me! i had FABULOUS time i ended up meeting up with remi (arnaud's coach) because i stayed 3 out of the 6 nights at the Bellecour Hotel...where the players were staying and we went out for drinks a few times...not so many because as the week went on and arnaud looked to be doing better and better the time went to training with arnaud...i met him himself and he was very nice...verrry focused on trying to win another tournament....ive learned now from past experiences to keep my social activities to myself...suffice to say i enjoyed myself immensely in meeting other players at the hotel.....I TOOK PICTURES!!!! im trying to figure out if i can get them online (they arent digital but i thiiink i can scan them) of everythnig from the tournament play to me posiing with players on the courts, to me having fun with remi, bennetau, kafelnikov (he is SOOOOOO much nicer than people make him out to be), olivier & christophe rochus (and their coach) and i was reallly incredibly honored to get to be introduced to alex correjta (at the annual sunday night players party) by way of remi and i respect him so much as a player and as a person....funny he (and not others who most people would consider reallllly of celebrity-like status) was the only person who i got star struck by....i just think he's such an incredibly good role model on and off the court....anyways im hoping to also go to the tennis masters series in paris so if anyone is thiiiinking they might be there then too, maybe something could work out! good luck to everyone in the madrid masters tourney!
-ciao, ali
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