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View Poll Results: Do You Believe In A "God"?
Yes, I'm a Theist (Believe in holy revelation via a "Holy Book") 58 19.21%
Yes, I'm a Deist (Believe in God based upon the existence of the Universe and evolved life) 40 13.25%
Perhaps, I'm Agnostic (As there is conflicting, or a lack of, evidence you just don't know) 77 25.50%
No, I'm an Atheist (science will eventually understand the origins of the Big Bang/Universe) 127 42.05%
Voters: 302. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

"Perhaps, I'm Agnostic (As there is conflicting, or a lack of, evidence you just don't know)"
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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

100% Atheist.
tho I'm not sure science will ever give the final answer to the creation of everything.
but too many people see things in black&white: "if science can't give explanation, it's bcse it was made by a God".
things aren't so simple...
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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

Voted atheist

But really I'm agnostic
Meaning I'm basically an atheist who is scared of death

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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

quite a debate around this poll )...its an interesting subject though......i think agnostic from those from the poll fits me )
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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

Wow, I just found out I'm a Deist! Honestly I wouldn't trust holy books and holy texts, because there's nothing holy about them. They're written by people and they're subject to human error. Plus, I wouldn't treat somebody's opinion about the universe as my own religion. There's certainly something out there, a universal pattern that is replicated on Earth, which keeps all things in order. I think the ancient people were closer to discovering the real notion of God than we are now.
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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

The universe is so magnificently complex it's quite hard for me not to believe there's a Supreme Being out there. However, the God religion teaches may not be exactly the same God that actually exists.
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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

Originally Posted by manuel84 View Post
The universe is so magnificently complex it's quite hard for me not to believe there's a Supreme Being out there.

I don't believe in coincidence.
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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

I do believe in God, but in a "free-minded" way.

I was raised in a catholic family, so part of the believe comes from there. Then, as a student of social sciences (note: argentinian studies are marxist) I still consider the existence of a supreme order beyond human actions.

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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

Nop, I don't. I'm a proud atheist/agnostic (not completely sure yet, but I do believe there is no God).

I'm one of those believing the world would be a better place without religion. Religion only causes wars, death, destruction and suffering. And I'm not only talking about islam here, christianity is just as bad. Every religion has its flaws. Religion is not a good thing imo. Humans are not weak. It's time we start believing in ourselves and humanity instead of some made up character.


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Joke thread? Kohlschreiber clowns this servebot in 3.
Maybe 4 or 5 if he wants to get more of a workout in.
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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

I am pretty much aligned to Bertrand Russell's thoughts about agnosticism. Like he used to say, atheists and believers tell us that it can be proven that there is a God, or there are no gods at all. Agnostics simply didn't find any secure and rational basis in order to resolve the question, hence they suspend any question.

Moreover, Russell and many other philosphers, specially in the north of Europe, the most developed region of Europe in almost every field, wrote about a quasi-atheist agnosticism, that is my intimate thought: I was raised as an agnostic (my region, Emilia, has a long story in ignoring catholic teachings and education) and as far as now, with many years of studying and thinking, I didn't reach a clear idea about God, gods, coincidence and so on. So, I live as an atheist, not wasting one single minute of my life thinking about gods, prayers, rituals, nor I waste my time in insulting other people and being sure that no God exists.

Still I am an agnostic and not an atheist, 'cos Im graduated in history and I've been studying for many years tons of mystics, religions, metaphysics, that I'm not able to prove to myself that these were all crazy and visionaries.. so I leave the doors open for any progress in the future

Of course my thoughts are about religions as systems of beliefs and philosopies, not about institutions, Vaticans, churchs or centers of power hidden under religious masks. My flag is Vatican City's flag 'cos Vatican conquered the north of Italy after we have been ghibelline and indipendent since the fall of the roman empire, but Vatican and the Holy See and Christianity are extremely different things
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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

What's the more plausible: a God initiated the Big Bang or the Big Bang initiated from itself? (I'm not talking about the 6000 years old Earth bullshit, let's be serious).
I chose the second option but the first one is credible too. The problem is that science is lagging behind on explaining the process of the Big Bang so a supreme being remains a likely option. It's really hard to imagine and conceive that before the Big Bang is not a possible sentence and we could not even say that there was nothing before. In my opinion, Science is close to "kill" the God but scientists have first of all to explain precisely the Big bang process.
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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

"If lovin the Lord is wrong, I don't wanna be right."

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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

No, God does not exist. It was created by man because of fear of death and the inability to explain origins of Earth, universe etc. Not to mention religion is an excellent control mechanism (eg, if you're "bad", you'll go to hell).
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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

I believe.
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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

Truthful answer: I don't know.

None of us know if God exists or not. The believers could be living in delusion while the atheists could be bullshitting.

For me, the more important question is 'what am I doing here' rather than 'who / what / how I was created'.

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