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Re: The "new year - better start this time, waiting for the title" sydney cheering thread

Haha do you know what I just remembered there? Ok don't hit me for bringing this back up but now looking back, I think it's high-larious - remember he had to do qualies in Hamburg?! How stupid are Hamburgers.

Now I like Australia, in fact, I have quite an obsession about the country so I'd be quite pleased if the muppet decided to win in good ol' Sydney

How many times must we of shot nerves witness the undoubted pain & suffering of muppets everywhere before we stand up against the cavemen??

One muppet, who wishes to remain anonymous, has this to say: "You know, I uhhhh cannot stay all the time at the you know, base of the line. Too much uhhhh pression."

It is your turn to help - The "Save A Muppet Foundation" needs you!
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