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Re: 2005 Year in Review/ 2006 Preview

Originally Posted by Rosie
Thanks for that GWH - I enjoyed reading it. Unlike other people here - I agree with you about Wimbledon - if he doesn't want to play it - then he should skip it. Not sure about the football thing but I definately think he should take it a rest period between the important European clay court season (culminating in RG) and the Summer clay court swing - which may not be as important prestige-wise but can earn him valuable points in places like Stuttgart and Kitz.

As for Buenos Aires - I totally agree with Gastón's stance on that one and I think he should hold out for what he believes in and miss it if necessary. If you read the Argentine Press regularly as I do - you will see there is so much Coria and Nalbandan worship there (especially Nalbandian since the TMC - it is quite nauseating in my opinion) - and our Gastón seems to be a forgotten man there Gastón won a Grand Slam and appeared in Bs As last year when the others didn't bother to, and yet hs loyalty and hard work seem to have been dismissed to worship the new "tennis gods" - so if he thinks it is time to make a stand and keep away - then good luck to him in my opinion. I do think he'll end up playing there eventually though!

Other than that - I just want him to be healthy and happy - to be fulfilled in his tennis and more importantly in his personal life, and to continue entertaining us for a while yet

Our Nalbandian deserves all the worshiping, he won the TMC against all odds - so I think it's only fair all the attention he has got lately. He deserves it. Sorry, but I had to say this....anyway this is about Gaston - not about Guillermo or David.

I just want to wish the best of luck to Gaston in 2006. No matter which tournaments he chooses to play - I'm sure he'll always make a wise decision, and one that makes him happy.
And if he could come to defend his title here in Estoril, I would apreciate it, of course.
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