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Re: Nico´s fans

Originally Posted by SaraV
Hi there..

I was once lucky enough to see Nico on my Birthday (actually it was only just past midnight - but it was still very special). It came when Nico qualified and played in the Hanover World Championships (what is now the Tennis Masters Cup). I had made a very quick trip to Germany and had been lucky enough to see Nico play all 3 of his round robin matches and after the third we swapped caps in front of loads of people and the TV cameras (long story for another time) and later that night a friend and I ended up at the players hotel and had fun watching the players wondering about and just after midnight my friend (who was incredibly shy said "Im going to ask for you to have a pic with the next player who comes along as its your Birthday" and although Thomas Enqvist and Nicolas Kiefer were about, who should be the next player to drive up but Nico - still wearing the Ecuador cap I had given him.... so I had a pic and cuddle with Nico on my birthday.... Not quite been able to achieve it again (cuddle on my birthday) but I have managed to see him on his special day.... (another long story for another time...)...

Let me know if you want to hear either of the "long stories" above...


Belated happy birthday Kezzi.

Oh yes - and Christmas Greetings to anyone here.
OMG You're really lucky! I'm still hoping Nico will come to Rotterdam so that I can actually talk to him the second time I see him, if I'm not too nervous to speak . I think I would freeze from all the nerves if Nico ever cuddles me .

I would love to hear the long stories. Long stories about Nico are always very welcome .

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