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Re: Nico´s fans

Originally Posted by Kezzi
I have 4 periods in a year and in every period there's another theme with different subjects. The subjects in a period are very different from the other period, in the first period I had three tests, because I had three subjects. In this period I have about 5 subjects, so I have 5 tests. With languages we also have presentations and 'mondeling' tests, I don't know the English word for 'mondeling' .
My education at this school will take 4 years (if I don't fail a year) and in the third and fourth year we have to go work with a company for 6 months to get experience. I don't know how to explain it, so I hope you'll understand.
I'm in my second year now and it's a lot easier than the first, because I had two educations at once in the first year. That's because if you want to switch educations, you don't lose a year by starting over, but I don't know if other schools have that, as far as I know it's only on my school.
wow, that sounds difficult and much different from here. i do have lessons in about 4-5 subjects every semester (half a year) and have to write exams in only 1-2 subjects aswell as an essay in those subjects i write exams in. i´m glad there are not many exams but actully i´d have prefered writing more exams than an essay everytime as it takes so much time and is not really my thing. but anyway, i´ve written and passed all neccessary exams and essays so now "only" the final exams are waiting for me.
how much time is left for you?


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