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Re: New diary

best being seb offf coourrrseeee *fingers crossed*

*Sťbastien, after beating youíre going to play the semis of Tokyo against Paradorn Srichaphan. For someone who hasnít played for a month, itís pretty goodÖ
Yeah itís not bad at all. Since the start of the tournament, Iíve had some pretty tough matches. In the first round, I played Karlovic, who only serves (? ). It went for more than 2 hours (2m08), and there werenít any rallies. It was all about concentration. I had to wait for the right moment to be able to make a difference. But because there wasnít a real rhythm in the match, I had a tough time trying to play consistently. Anyway, Iím really happy with my serving, Iíve served really well during the three matches.

*You played Hollandais Van Scheppingen second round.
That match wasnít bad. There were many rallies. Heís a good player, he plays fast. We played a good match and I won in 2 sets 6-3, 7-6 (3). And today, against Gambill, it was a bit similar to that previous match against Van Scheppingen. I won the first set and then got broken early in the second but was able to break back straight away then was pushed to a tie break, where I had 5 aces (!). I served well at the end of the match.

*For the moment are you satisfied with your game?
Yeah, itís alright. Iím serving well and Iím moving pretty well. But Iím not moving fast enough with my backhand in order to set up my forehand. Actually, the surface is faster. Even if we are playing indoors, itís quite fast. I played guys who play fast, so there have been some Ďping-pongí type rallies. But yeah, for the moment Iíve played three good matches. Tomorrow against Srichaphan, it will be even harder.

So your elbow isnít giving you any more problems?
Yeah itís going well. I havenít even thought about it. Iím serving well, so thatís definitely a positive sign. 6-3 7-5, Iíve been winning with that score since the start of the tournament! So tomorrow Iíd be great if I could win with the same score. Iíll have to serve well and to win the important points.

Heís a player you have already played in the past?
Yeah, I lost to him 1 Ĺ years ago. He hits really strongly on both sides, heís really powerful. It will be hard. To beat him, Iím going to have to really refine my game and vary my shots.

But since your last match, you arenít the same player. You have progressed enourmously.
Yeah thatís true and that gives me confidence. For that reason, itís going to be an interesting match.

SoÖI guess you donít regret coming to Tokyo thenÖ
Weíll see. If I win the tournament, yeah sure there wonít be any regrets. (laughs)


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