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Re: Nico´s fans

Originally Posted by Kezzi
I've been learning a lot also these past weeks. I had exams and I'm glad I passes them . It's been a bit more quiet at school, because we just started a new period and then there's always two weeks that no one knows what to do .

And it's my birthday today I'm 19 now and I got 2 chocolate letters, some other presents and money. No one knew what they could buy me, I didn't even know it myself . I tried asking for Nico with giftwrapping around him, but that didn't work out
happy birthday, kezzi ! i wish you all the best, esp. that next year your wish about nico comes true, hee*! but you have to take some pictures of him wrapped then, hee! okay, enough about this silly stuff !
congratulations to your passed exams. how does your study work, i mean how many tests, exams and essays do you have to write in a period? please tell me, i´d love to hear what it´s like in other countries!


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