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Doesn’t that bother you?
Marat: In general, no. True, it is unpleasant, when you’re sitting with your friends, and a complete stranger approaches you and starts lecturing, “you didn’t do that right, the serve has weakened, couldn’t collect yourself in the last set...”

And what do you do? Get up and slack ’em on the neck?
Marat: No, I say, “Thanks a lot; I’ll try to play better next time.”

You have a stiff self-control.
Marat: They teach us that. And also, often, someone approaches me in the street and starts, “You’re Safin? No, are you really Safin? No, you’re probably kidding, you just look like Safin...” That’s why when they ask me who I am, I usually say that I’m Safin’s cousin.

That’s because you’re modest?
Marat: That’s because it’s stupid to try to prove that you’re you. And life is too short for spending it on every trifle thing.

Marat Safin - always the one and only
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