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Re: Disappeared posters?

It was simply the fact as I understand it he had gotten too many yellow/red infraction cards. I don't know what happened that got him the infraction card that put him over the limit. Maybe others here do?



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Re: Disappeared posters?

Why make an example of him, of all people?
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Re: Disappeared posters?

Originally Posted by Looner View Post

Lol, like you're one to talk. One of the most offensive posters around here. If you think being called out on your failures is being harsh in any sort of way, all I can is - deal with it, troll.
Be quiet.If anyone is offensive that's you clown.Oh,anybody said snitch?No?I thought I heard somebody said that.
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Re: Disappeared posters?

Originally Posted by safin-rules-no.1 View Post
I'm friends with all the Admins so I'm safe forever .....the others (including you) have probably got it coming soon
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Re: Disappeared posters?

Originally Posted by Shinoj View Post
All those bend down would have hurt your back.Hasnt it?
Practice makes perfect.
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Re: Disappeared posters?

Originally Posted by Everko View Post
This is the best post of the thread. HKz needs to be banned. He has never added anything to this forum but bring his hateful slime. There is a reason we call him the infectus. He went out his way to attack me and others in threads not even related to what he dislikes us for.

Clay Death is a great poster(is because the ban will be undone). He is tough on his opponents and that is needed because otherwise people like HKz and some others like samostupid can do whatever they want without penalty.
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Re: Disappeared posters?

He was too good to dish out infractions to others whereas others just hideously gave it to him. Bunch of cowards.
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Re: Disappeared posters?

Originally Posted by Shinoj View Post
He was too good to dish out infractions to others whereas others just hideously gave it to him. Bunch of cowards.
he loved to do the "attack" direct to that person's face instead of remaining silence and reporting. He never reported his enemies, too foolish for me

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Re: Disappeared posters?

Clay Death perma banned?

:wors hip:

3 years too late, but I'll take it!!
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Re: Disappeared posters?

Why was Nick banned?

unbiased analyst extraordinaire
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Re: Disappeared posters?

for being himself I guess.
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Re: Disappeared posters?

Originally Posted by Shinoj View Post
It was a Case of Ganging up. And sadly that is being used quite often.

I would rather advocate giving immediate Infraction to anyone who is instigating or going over the line. As it happens with me that i tend to ignore such posters thinking "Well its just a Forum. WHy should i take it seriously".. But well i will do it myself and advocate this to others that On the SLightest of Insitgation i would rather report the Posts.

It all starts with . "Hey he is a Mug. What kind of Post he posts". Then what happens is we tend to ignore such posters but over a period of time we blurt out something we shouldnt be and get reported and that instigator gets scot free and we reported over. Thats what happens.

I am going to report each and every Post which i think is even tending to cross the line. That is the only way to keep Insigators like

HKZ under the line.
I agree with, this HKZ is on of the malicious posters here and i have no clue how his constant provoking of CD and other Rafatards is overlooked. CD was good poster who tried to chat about tennis and he had great threads. I feel really sorry about a ban and hopefully he will get unbanned soon enough. There are many disgusting Fed trolls in a GM atm and i dont see any of them banned. Almost makes me sick reading GM lately. Meh.

To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.

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Re: Disappeared posters?

Btw what has happened to Hian?

Welcome to MTF...
Originally Posted by alfonsojose View Post
I'm gonna be checked again. Guess where i am going ?
The guy started massaging my balls harder and faster. I was so relaxed and disconnected i didn't notice, but my body did i had a massive boner and apologized, then he told me "are u excited, uh?" and it was obvious where he wanted to go .. inside my a**
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Nick the Greek banned? Finally.

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Roger Federer

Originally Posted by Matt01 View Post
Fed's groundstrokes never were that good to begin with.
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Re: Disappeared posters?

So, it has finally happened. About time too. How many people stopped posting here because of him, how many had him on ignore?

Now the issue is being reviewed? Well that should not take long. It was clearly explained to me that each post is treated as a separate offense no matter what context each post is from, Scoobs himself defended this procedure in a thread, and via mail, it was explained to me that my last "infraction" (a great analogy on what if trolls were dogs that was SPOT ON as usual, thankfully the mod who deleted it sent me a copy) was deemed a personal attack by a panel of 3 mods who were shown the post out of context, without being told who posted it and who had to decide if that was a personal attack or not. (Unless this is yet another set of rules/directives tailor-made for my case, that's how things work) This whole issue should be resolved rather quickly since bans are seriously debated before being handed out. I am very interested to see how this all turns out.

What will I remember from the great General Clay Diva?

His chronic attention-whorism in any thread he created or burst into where he would pretty much reply to every post, including his own and self replies to his own replies, most of them ending up being a generic CD chat thread? (That's not being a great MC, it's attention-whorism)

His weird fetish for animal shitting and pissing on things? (Disgusting kinky stuff if you ask me.)

His biblically-pompous-self important prose laced with childish castle lingo and faux latin that in GM consisted mostly of about 25 posts that he recycled into his impressive 600 000 000 total count? (Face it, most of them were pretty much always the same crap over and over again.)

His selection of some of the best posters that included his also banned boy toy SdG, Everfail, RFK, Raferminator, Foxy, Nole spam, recently anointed Matt01, pretty much every nadaltard and anyone who would answer his posts?

His incredibly bad, unimaginative, dull and obscure nicknames that he tried to assign to people, so bad he had to repeat over and over again who was supposed to be who, even himself being confused and losing track at times?

His claims to be the owner of 3 businesses and a ladies man, while spending pretty much every waking hour, especially weekends and week nights, in the Castle?

Actually yes to all of those, but mostly I'll remember Clay Death as he was recently: the annoying wannabe vigilante (like the copycat Batman with a gun in TDK) who would jump into arguments in which he was not involved one bit, lecture people on class while dishing out insults, try to act intimidatingly witty (something he never achieved) and attempt to win the argument, get owned and trashed pretty much every time like in this clip in which he is represented by Loki (self important, pompous, arrogant... just replace Loki by Hercules and it fits perfectly.)


... and then complain and get the whole episode deleted when he could not save face.

To the people painting him as an innocent victim, that's a load of BS, you are lying to yourselves. He did not only become antagonistic when people went after him. Often he was be the instigator and came into threads unprovoked only to stir shit with people he had issues with. Check his posting history in GM and remove your rosecastletainted glasses.

That being said:

I'll miss making fun of him and winning arguments. He was not a challenging opponent, but it was nevertheless always done with the very best interests of these forums at heart like this very ban is and his own best interests.

All in all, it is the best outcome for everyone including for CD , he spent waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much time in that Castle. A place, if I remember correctly, he did not create but took over at some point (Habibko would agree with this) where he would be responsible for at least 1/3 of the post for a majority of volumes.

Book it old sport.

Now before any douche brings up my own infractions, let's see who I personally "attacked" in the past to get the "deserved" bans: Manon/Ivan (the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde DA, one of them permabanned), Start da Coin (permabanned), Clay Diva (permabanned) and Start da Greek (soon to be, yet not soon enough). Yep: All of them posters of ultimate class and distinction... Not as bad as it looks now does it...

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