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Re: Florent Serra

Originally Posted by *julie*
From l'équipe:

Florent Serra: "J'étais relativement tendu. Et le fait qu'il m'ait pris à la gorge ne m'a pas aidé à me libérer. Au second set, j'ai senti qu'il ya vait quelque chose à faire quand j'ai réussi à mener 4-1. J'imposais mon jeu. Mais, sur la fin, je n'ai pas osé avancer et j'ai fait des fautes. Je me suis tendu, j'ai reculé alors qu'il fallait que je continue à imposer mon rythme. Il faut que j'arrive à être plus entreprenant. Je peux faire mieux, même si je n'ai pas autant de confiance en indoor que sur les surfaces extérieures. Cela dit, jouer comme ça devant les spectateurs français, ça restera un super souvenir. J'aurais évidemment préféré ne pas conclure la saison comme ça, mais je suis content d'avoir connu l'ambiance sur ce central. C'est une belle expérience. Terminer à Bercy, ça n'était même pas dans mon esprit en début d'année. Cette saison a été géniale. J'ai tout connu, des petits challengers, aux Master Series. En début d'année prochaine, je vais intégrer le tableau de l'Open d'Australie et ceux des tournois sud-américains. C'est super. Je suis content, je suis encore jeune!".

Sorry, it's not the best translation ever , but I did it quiclky
"I was rather tense. And the fact that he played so well from the very beginning of the match, didn't help me to relax. In the second set, I felt I could do something when I managed to lead 4-1. I was imposing my game. But, at the end, I didn't dare to advance and I made some errors. I tensed, I moved back while I should have kept imposing my rythm. I have to be more active. I can do better, even if I am not as confident in indoors as on outside courts. Anyway, playing like this in front of the french crowd will remain a great memory. Obviously, I would have prefered not ending my season like this, but I am happy to have known the atmosphere of the central court. It's a beautiful experience. Ending with Bercy was not even in my mind at the beginning of the year. This season has been great. I have known everything, from small chellengers to Masters Series. Next year, I will enter the draw of the Australian Open as well as some clay tournaments in South America. That's great. I am confident, I am still young!"
I love this kind of interviews . When player says "Yes, I was wrong, I had to do it better, I did stupid mistakes, I must improve myself" etc (and I'm always a bit angry of another kind of interviews, that is usual for Clement for example, it's like "Oh I lost... But my rival was so great today, he did anything too perfect, his game is so excellent..." ). So yes, Florent, you're still young and that's great! Work on!

And why I see here no celebrations? Isn't it just great that Florent finishes his season in top50 when he began from the third hundred? Anyway my dream is realized, Serra is in top50 and I'm happy !

And there is an interesting French phenomenon... There are three players who strated this season being out of top100 and finished it in top50. I mean Richard, Gael and Florent. Is it just a conjuction or something more?..

"Those who are skilful and really the best ones don't have a bad luck [reasons of their falls are in themselves only]." - Ole Einar Bjørndalen, who is not just best of the best; he can do everything.

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