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Re: The I Don't Give a Crap if Gaston doesn't win a Match in Shanghai Thread

so nice you here

this afternoon, though i arrived at Qizhong Stadium a bit late coz of rain, my papa picked me there later than my expectation, still luckily gato was practicing with David Nalbandian, he was in a red shirt, seemed so high, but in fact, he was not in his good shape on that surface he turned a bit impatient after a while, but he gulped, David is not bad while gato turned more and more worried then finally he threw his racquet then picked it up to have a look, all right, it worked still then he went on, after Ljubicic arrived, they finished their practice, maybe David knew that gato was not pleased so he went over to him to say sthg sweet, if i am not wrong, perhaps they are "very good" "not bad"

after gato began to leave, some children went to him to ask for sign, but gato pouted, not answer them at all, omg, you can see now at that time how he felt i had a short thought finally decided to run after him outside, at the entrance, i caught him though he was so unkind to the fans around i asked for his sign, he stared at me, i didnt know why he stared at me, in my eyes, if he wanted to refused me, he could leave away straight or tell me he not wanna do that, but omg, he just stared at me i a bit curious so said to him with kinda louder voice that i wanted him to sign for me, he without any phiz but signned for me at once, of course i was happy though his signature is so strange that i couldnt make it out at all then i said to him that i wish him do better in his group, omg, he smiled to me but without "thank you"
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