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Re: Teimuraz GABASHVILI aka "GABA"

i know this article is bad translated, but it"s my job from Szczecin challenger

Teimuraz Gabashvili, our guest from Russia, is a freak on the court, but in private life he makes impression with his English gentleman's manners. During press conferences he answers to the topic, speaks a lot, and he's often witty. At the disco, he's a dancefloor king. Besides, he's a good tennis player.

Gabashvili was born 20 years ago in Georgia's capital, Tbilisi, from where after the USSR broke down, left to Moscow. He represents Russia from beginning of his career. In his lifetime, he played in 3 challenger finals: in Buchara (2004), Barcelona and Poznań (2005), from which he triumphed in the last one. He's said to have a patent on winning in Poland things even theoretically impossible, eg. at the official Pekao Open website he was shown as the winner of the match between Chela and Vanek. The Russian trains in Barcelona and boasts he hasn't lost to a Spaniard for 2 years. However, his preparation to court difficulties and physical power are not only the benefit of Spanish coach masters. “I've been in Russian army for 2 years. I was playing for army club CSKA Moscow then. During exercises, it was ohh... very very hard!” - confessed Gabashvili with the inner smile, like he has just told his biggest life secret. “But I liked it. The biggest disadvantage of army is that you can't continue your studies while being there”.The Russian from Georgia is interested in history and politics – during conversation with me he often made connections to actual events. It was wondering that in spite of full calendar of matches and practise sessions he's up to date with the events from the world and his country. “Many people take on tour the guitars and they sing. I don't do this. That's why I find the time for my real hobby” - he said, giving at the same time the reason, why he doesn't want to sing the most famous Georgian song, “Suliko”. In the first tournament's days the Russian was often coming the the press office to listen to internet radiostations – mainly the news.

In Poznań, Gabashvili won with Łukasz Kubot, what absolutely didn't help him to get the sympathy from local crowd. He was accused of saying nazi things about Poland and complained about Polish linesmen at the same time. “Yes... It's true I shouted I played in Poland and that's why everything was after Kubot, but these shouts were more to the crowd. After won balls I clenched my fist the way to make the more dashing fans see who's a better player. Anyway, on court I behave like an idiot... If you want to laugh, you're invited to my matches. Soemtimes I'm not able to control my behaviour, but for sure I couldn't say anything bad about Poland, because I like this country very much, it's similar to Russia in many aspects, I feel here like at home and in Szczecin I'm treated so well... that I wonder what I did to deserve it” - Gabashvili said. “I know that my friend from Sweden, Michael Ryderstedt, had some problems with the crowd in another challenger in Poland in his match against Kubot. But having an objective look, it's great that you can support your player so nicely. In my home Georgia people have similar characters. When the Russian were winning futures tournaments there, they were ready for lynch after the matches, but anything like this happened, they only collected sincere congratulations” - he added. Will we have a chance to congratulate the Russian player when he wins the Szczecin challenger, maybe defeating Dawid Olejniczak in semifinal?

(he lost on that day I wrote it... but it was because of an injury).
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