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Re: Welcome to Lyon, Famous For Its Olympique Lyonnais, Its Quenelles and...Eléa!

Hi all! I’ve been reading the comments about Gastón’s match against Monfils, here and in the Yahoo groups, and I confess I was pleased that my VCR chose that day to go on the blink, so I haven’t watched the match.
But to try to understand what happened I’ve been trying to get into Gastón’s head, an intriguing experience to say the least! And this is the sequence I come up with:

a) Gastón is tired and fed up with the tour, needs a break to recharge the batteries but knows his schedule will give him only a short holiday – not enough!
b) He really wanted to have a crack at getting into the MC, but the fact that the last three entries are decided on these courts that don’t suit him plays against him.
c) He had hoped that the miracle would happen and he’d start to play better indoors, but reality has shown him otherwise.
d) He wanted to do well in Lyon to gain momentum and confidence for Bercy, but early on in the match with Monfils when things weren’t working out he got frustrated and depressed.
e) When he’s in that negative sort of mood, he feels it’s not worth killing himself because he’ll lose anyway. But he can’t help the way he feels: he doesn’t throw the match, he just runs out of steam and plays genuinely badly.
f) Today he’s probably in a bad mood and wanting to chuck it all and take the first plane back. Or he’s laughing and pretending it’s all in the game, but he doesn’t kid himself!

Whatever we do, let's not slam him, because he's his own worst enemy!
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