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Re: §*§ GaŽl's Videos & Audios §*§

I tried my best, but i couldn't watch all the videos

Hmm couldn't find the video Julie had mentionned in that other topic. :/

However, i was able to see those you linked ^^.

The first one... Oh gosh... Young GaŽl! So cute! I noticed the lousy music too, what can we do about it, eh

The second video... France/Sweden... (Paulo )... Lmao did you see Arnaud's reaction at 1'55'' ? And yeah, one shouldn't blink at all if they want to see GaŽl

The third one...
I love it how they try not to laugh (well, GaŽl just can't help himself but Arnaud tries to remain serious) during those... weird... exercizes.

The fourth... Metz ^^
Wow seems like he liked to argue with the umpire a lot lol.
And... yeah, that mag cover was "for girls", like Richie said. But hey, GaŽl's got a great body, why not share?

The fifth... AO...
Hmm, well he knew he had to work and work ...
He'll do better this time.

And that's it for today
Thanks for the links Delsa and Alexito, but i'll watch the rest tomorrow ^^
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