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Re: Florent Serra

Originally Posted by Hangdog

Yesterday I was too sad, angry, mad and tired to write anything. Now I have some minutes and the first thing I want to write is about that Serra-Vik match. So listen. Vik did everything good, it wan’t his fault. Florent did everything great and he had to win. I sat there and cheered Florent and the crowd was also on his side. BUT there were several men who came to the tribune (the game was on the first court – quite a little one) and sat behind me and a little bit higher. They all bet on Robin Vik although they didn’t even know his name, they called him Roberto, they didn’t know anything about tennis either. Those dudes began to shout many stupid things about frogeaters and other stuff – in Russian... But they did it so loud then I think those on the central court could hear them sometimes. And that was the beginning only. Then one of those idiots began to shout “out” during the games, when the ball was in game! The umpire – another idiot, pardon – gave to those russians two warnings and... nothing more!!! Those bastards continued to make their monkey business... There was the beginning of the third set when those asses created another absolutely awful feature. When Flo served the idiots started to make any stupid sounds – seneezing, barking, sizzling etc. That was wrong even for me who just sat and supported Serra and I can imagine how wrong it was for Florent... Finally I decided to wait the end of the current game then stand up and begin to argue with umpire. Seriously. But I thought there was 4-3 but really don’t know why there were 5-4 Vik led and began to serve. So even me had a bad luck... And the umpire, by the way, did two mistakes in the first set – but Florent didn’t become mad, he just looked at umpire and said “be more carefull!”. So well... the result of the match you know. The only thing in my head was “I hate russians”. Florent and his coach were quite lost themselfes and agreed about russians and “trop fou”. And fortunately I’m writing this story now when I’m quite calm, not yesterday when I was absolutely mad – then you’ll see only “merde, putain, trop fou, trop grave, suck, f**k them all and [censored]” – I even don’t remember when else I was so angry like yesterday.

You told me that last night..really i hate them,i wish i were there to ....when was the pic taken?after the match?He seems sad

Allez cute coach!!! To the MC!!!
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