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Re: The Changing of the Guard

Originally Posted by cobalt60
Ok as this is my first thread on GM( and may very well be my last ) so be kind.

I was watching TTC here in the states with the European Madrid feed and the commentators were talking about how and why some South American players continually change coaches. Yes it seems to be a fact for some but not all but then the commentators went on to say that the players seemed to point the blame for their doing poorly squarely on their coaches without taking some of the blame on themselves. I thought this was a bit out of line and obviously an opinion although not stated as such.

Now I know many MTF's have opinions and don't mind commentating a bit themselves. But I also think that there are others here who may actually have information to share in this regard. So comment away please
when I saw this thread title I thought it was about Murray going up on Henman 5-2, but now I see it's only another thread about South American players.

I've a soft spot for the South Americans. They are a little different from the other players and bring a great flavor to the tour. If they change coaches or blame their coaches -- it's no more than players from other parts of the world do. Actually, I think it's been a bit more common in recent years for a player to change coaches. It used to be a rare event. Now I see many players changing coaches.
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