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Re: AMS Madrid recaps


Started with Hrbaty-Haas, it was an even match till 4-4, Haas had a break point at 4-3* but missed it (starting to shout and throwing his racket already, hey Tommy, you´re leading and so far you are the better player ) and in the next game he collapsed, gifting his serve at 15 with 3 ue in a row. He had a 15-40 on his favour at Hrbaty´s serve the next game but Dominator came up with two aces to get into deuce and get the set. Similar situation in the 2nd set, Haas had two breakpoints (15-40) at 1-0* but Hrbaty saved them again, and that was the end for the German, who gave away his service game the next one and couldn´t hit a ball in anymore.

Went to see final games of Coria, playing very well from baseline and serving like crap, I think he made 5 double faults in the 3 games I saw him serving. Rochus played well but almost all things he does ok on a tennis court, Coria can do them better, so outcome was quite predictable.

Henman-Stepanek I expected a lot more from this match but Henman was no more the one who anhilated Dent two days ago. His returns were good and his volleys as good as always, but he didn´t have confidence on his strokes from baseline and missed too many easy shots. Stepanek didn´t impress me either.

Gaudio-Acasuso I had a friend on that court and I was calling him to give me his impressions. He said first set was pretty even. Gaudio was the better player from baseline, Acasuso was again playing 100 m behind baseline, but he served well and attacked several times the net with not too much success as he missed some easy volleys. A couple of funny things Gastón said:

"¡Si querés hablar por teléfono salite fuera!" "If you want to talk by phone, go out!" when a phone bell rang when Gaudio was about to serve. As always, some blah blah with himself and coach and some complaints to the line refs and umpire. 2nd set, looks like Gastón was mentally out and was broken 3 times.

Nadal-Hanescu, I was there for the first set. Victor played quite well, he was agressive (that is the only way to beat Nadal) and had Rafa on the ropes (leading 4-2 and later 0-3 in TB). Nadal looked as quick as always and didn´t seem to be bothered by his knees. Almost full attendance at 4 pm on a Wednesday, enough said.

I went to see Mirnyi-Puerta 2nd set and that was an entertaining match. Both players played really good in that set. Mariano looked very motivated and fit. Mirnyi played well from baseline also, overpowering Puerta in several ocasions. Puerta won the TB coming from behind with a couple of great returns and pasing-shots.

Karlovic-Roddick: Not the kind of match I fancy most but I was there. Karlovic played very well for his standards, served well, volleyed pretty well also and didn´t miss as many shots as he did last year here. Roddick was a bit angry with too many doubtful calls against him (one crucial on the TB, but I was in the opposite side so I can´t say if I saw it long or not).

Moyá-Robredo: Great first set by Tommy, Moyá raised a bit his level and was more agressive in 2nd one and Robredo was a bit clueless at Moyá´s services and slowed down a bit his rythm of winners. 3rd set again was more like 1st, and Tommy won it easily.

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