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Re: Re: Re: The Rainer Schuettler Cheering Thread

Originally Posted by Hurley
Well, it's just coincidence that I started this thread the day he beat Jarkko. I kept wanting to start one, but there was never a "German Tennis" section. But now there is
I know it's a coincidence. I meant that TH must have been upset if it seemed that Rainer might retire, giving her false hopes about Jarkko's chances. Besides, she likes both of them. Not an easy match for her, I reckon.

I'm glad you started this thread.

He's on TV now! First Robby, now Rainer, Andy later...what is this, Christmas??
And Christmas continues, since you can watch Robby and Rainer in the same match. Better yet, one of them will be in the semis.

Congrats to both! This tourney looks much better now.
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