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Re: KIWI in Moscow!!! Kremlin Cup 2005!

Originally Posted by kfh_9118
Sorry if I offended you in many ways. As I said, this is purely how I feel about the match, nothing against you really. Unfortunately, from this match, I would never never able to like or cheer for Igor again. I thought I really dislike Hewitt, now after this, I know it's nothing compared to how I feel about Igor now

Btw, I also like some of your favourites, eg. Tommy
I dont feel offended
thats a discussion and everybody has his opinion. I dont like discussions where everybody has the same opinion....

I never said Igor won this match; Kiwi lost it and thats the way it was
I am also not proud of Igor doing these time-outs, but its allowed

Originally Posted by Neely
I don't blame an away crowd for cheering maybe a few times on important points (break point, 30-30, deuce) during a match when a player hits a first serve fault; this can happen in many places if the home crowd is eager for their own player to win. But applauding first serve faults for three seconds when the foreign player is missing a serve at 15-0 or 15-15 is pretty stupid.
As a pro player you have to live with biased crowds. Thats one part of tennis. I dont say I find it good what the crowd in Moscow did, but its understandable. Patriotism is a big topic in Russia.
There was a report on the WTA board from an ITF tournamnet in China where foreign players were treated really bad by the crowd.
Or imagine Ivan Ljubicic would play an important match against Djokovic in Serbia.
Think about all the fans from Chile during world team cup; The emotional Sania Mirza fans


Again, if Kiwi had been strong enough he had won no matter what would have happened yesterday. But this match was still not clean and a good chair umpire with authoriy, not like Grillotti, should have dealt otherwise according to the rules.
There are many umpires who are useless. who never overrule. who never do something against bad behavior. thats a big problem I agree

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