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Re: KIWI in Moscow!!! Kremlin Cup 2005!

Originally Posted by JMG
I always heard you can take one 3min timeout each set or so, but not 5 minutes, then 10 minutes and so on.
Normally it's one medical time (examination and 3 minute treatment) each match.

Originally Posted by JMG
Robredo took that unfair timeout last year at bp for Gaudio and won the match. I think many posters attacked him after that, but if you compare this to what Andreev did ... and Andreev is even the hero now for the majority here.
Many people attacked Robredo because they thought he faked it. But unlike Andreev getting treatment here and there more than once, the timeout itself by Robredo was the first of the match and according to rules he may take it anytime.

Originally Posted by JMG
There is actually a chance for a RUS vs GER Daviscup QF. Would be nice to get a revenge there.
would be away, right? Not good.

Originally Posted by JMG
There are m any examples that a fair cheering for the home player is possible. Just look at Liberec in Daviscup few weeks ago.
I don't blame an away crowd for cheering maybe a few times on important points (break point, 30-30, deuce) during a match when a player hits a first serve fault; this can happen in many places if the home crowd is eager for their own player to win. But applauding first serve faults for three seconds when the foreign player is missing a serve at 15-0 or 15-15 is pretty stupid.

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