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Re: KIWI in Moscow!!! Kremlin Cup 2005!

Originally Posted by Illinuera
I dont know how long that time-out lasted, cause I left watching at 75 30, because I was sure he would win it anyway; when I came back it was 4-4...

so Kiwi should not play French Open as well?

Come on, girls
its not very convincing to say crowd and Igor's timeout were the reasons for Kiwi's loss. He had many chances and just missed them. It would be not good if a former Top10 player would be irritated by a biased crowd and by a time-out taken....
No, the real problem is his mental fragility! He has to work on that. All Germans are head-cases
I agree with you that Kiwi has a mental problem, and maybe it costs him the title. What I don't like is how Igor tried everything he could to get back into the match, and for me, it's not a fair game.

I am not sure if you watched the match or not. I watched the entire match through a very good live-stream, hence I saw every moment in that match. First time out from Igor was in the second set when the score was 0-2. He called the trainer for his knee problem I suppose. First, unless it's really really serious, I don't think it's fair to call a trainer not during a break between 2 games. In my opinion, he should has played another game before calling for a trainer. We know what happened next, Kiwi won the next 2 games, and then somehow he lost his serve to make the score 1-4. Then Igor called for another time-out to threat his back, and then go to the bathroom for god knows how long. In total, I guess it's about 10 minutes break at that score. Kiwi did ask the chair umpire about the length of the break and I don't know what is the rule, but definitely the break should not be allowed for that long. Igor should have been disqualified or at least penalised a game or points. Instead, the umpire lets it happened and ignore Kiwi's concern. This clearly was intended to break Kiwi's momentum by Igor in my eyes and too bad Kiwi let it happened.

I know Kiwi also took a time-out during the match, but the timing was between second and third set. We all know that the players are given a longer break before the final set and if you add up the injury time allowed to be taken by Kiwi, he had clearly not extended the time out allowed to be taken. Again, I am not too sure about the rule, hence I might be wrong.

What really upset me as well was how Igor claimed that he was injured and it was not shown at all in the way he played. Except from several occasion when he missed a shot or lost a point, he touched his back tried to tell us that he has a back problem. Then, the next point, he will play unbelievable point and won it. Not sure about you, but I clearly saw this as faking an injury. I can't believe the way he reacted after winning the match, I mean, how can you still be happy knowing the way you tried to win the match

Sorry if I offended you in many ways. As I said, this is purely how I feel about the match, nothing against you really. Unfortunately, from this match, I would never never able to like or cheer for Igor again. I thought I really dislike Hewitt, now after this, I know it's nothing compared to how I feel about Igor now

Btw, I also like some of your favourites, eg. Tommy


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