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Re: Tommy playing in Vienna this week!

yes... three, if he doesn't withdraw from any

It's totally irrespective if Ljubicic is 0-50 or 100-0 indoor. Ljubicic can deliver better at moment and is just hotter (regarding form I mean ) than Haas the whole season so far who often seemed not to be able to play (sometimes mentally, sometimes physically) at the level that he can play or that would be needed. Tommy played maybe two, if you search A LOT, maybe three good tournaments. It wasn't a good season for him. I just hope he can play at least top 20 next year again; like Kiefer he doesn't have so many years left to play on consistent top level, so it needs to happen soon within next two years I would say or else he will never get higher again than around #20 to #40.

I have hope again and again that he will play a great tournament, but it doesn't happen. I can only hope for improvement next year and that he gets his tennis again up to the level according to his potential.

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