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Re: Upcoming H2Hs: Can Ferrero get past the next round?

Ferrero need to practice hitting backhands down the line, forehands down the line when on the run, hitting off of slice, slicing up the line inside out to the El Aynaoui forehand, hitting heavy topspin to the el aynaoui backhand, moving the serve around a lot, hitting second serves up the tee from the ad side and out wide from the deuce side (in case El Aynaoui moves over on second serves to blast his forehand), chipping and lobbing some returns off the big first serves, topspin lobs and passing shots off the backhand side. the way you beat El Aynaoui is similar to beating Moya except El Aynaoui employs a tricky slice backhand and has great reach and will bring back many many backhands low and without pace to the Ferrero forehand. Juan Carlos is gonna have to play INTELLIGENT and with patience and creativity and good shots all around to beat this guy
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