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Re: Upcoming tournament jc plans to play :)

Originally Posted by RogiFan88
GM is a place where trolls go to stir it up... and others fall for it... some threads and trolls are to be avoided too bad some posters don't know when people are taking the mick out of them and fall into the trolly trap trolls love to make posters angry and bug them and they are usually quite successful at what they do
RF, I must be one of these posters...well, I'm sorry that I expressed my opinion of someone trying to get cheap popularity with a cheap thread.I'm the wrong one in this case, surely.
If I were Juanqui, I'd forget about the pressure of being successful on clay [which everyone expects] and just play as well as I can on the faster surfaces where people don't expect much... take the pressure off cos I have absolutely nothing to lose or to prove... look what happened at the USO03
But dont u think that after that same USO and getting to number 1 after it, ppl have expected from him not only on clay anymore I think he's always loved playing on faster courts as much as on clay, but as u say he should take the pressure of expectaions off already...just focus on each match as if its a mini tourney and try to win each mini tourney.
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