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Re: Favourite Marat Quotes

"All the girls, they want to be famous, right?"

"They (the sleazy blondes) are not my types. My type? Not this type."

(on being a ladies' man)"Of course! I'm not gay! Find me one normal guy who doesn't like women's company. I think it's good. It's natural. You cannot fight against the nature, right?"

"You count me as a manufacturer? I think that there are many people in Russia who would like to spend their sperm for money. If I need a child, my love will give birth to it."

"I just want to be on my line.. playing Marat Safin style."

"It's like love. When you look too hard, you don't find it. When you let it happen naturally, it comes."

"I watch TV, go to restaurants. I saw Shallow Hal. That was the worst I ever saw. Terrible, horrible, disgusting movie. I think the director never watched it after he finished filming. Stupid movie." I also enjoyed "Dumb and Dumber", but I would not consider it a master piece."

"I like to sit down and to laze around, I can spend an entire day without moving off the sofa. Me I am quite passive,I like to see life flowing."

"I had my driving licence in the last June. I don't want to be fined too soon. I love the cars. Hey I'm just 19 years old, it's normal. Every young men are little mad."

"Good or bad, I try to eat everything."

"I have an empty refrigerator and nobody takes care of things around the house. I have nobody to cook for me, so I go to restaurants. Me cooking? No idea! Me washing clothes? No idea! I can't do anything domestic!"

"Sometimes I feel like reading a book or playing computer games. At times I manage to go to a club. I like listening to music and I like different types of it: Metallica, Halloween, Enigma. I should say that the hours of rest I have are based completely on my mood, and my mood changes 10 times a day!"

"I don't need someone telling me what to do all the time. I don't like it when coaches talk to much, try to teach you too much." "If they talk to you from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. it drives you crazy."

"The guy just said that it's for tanking. I mean, at least I'm in history already."

Marat Safin - always the one and only
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