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Re: Favourite Marat Quotes

"I want to be happy, to enjoy, that's the most important thing. I don't want to say that I like being famous or that I look for it, but people recognize me or whatever, why would I not be nice to them? We have a good life here. If part of that means that I am recognized or people want my autograph, it's OK."

"When I look at a dollar note, I only see a picture of George Washington on a piece of paper. Money is only money. It makes the life easier, but I don't feel sexy or mighty because of that."

"I try to have a normal life, but during the tournament it's impossible. Everybody wants something, a photo, an autograph. Me, my job is to play tennis. I don't care about popularity. I don't want to be invited to all TV shows, I don't want to see my mug in the front page of all the Russian's newspapers. I just want to live my life, to do my job and when my day at the office is finished I want to be a normal guy. Here, it's impossible. And Yevgueni who bores me in order that I make at least a semi final, in order that there is a lot of public/audience. I know what he wants: a head to head between him and me..."

"After I had won the US Open, my recognizing value climb up. Unfortunately the funny things don't happened to me now - such as last new-year's-eve in Moscow. I wanted to go to a famous club and they didn't let me in. I liked it. When today somebody don't recognize me and ask me what I do professionally, I always answer that I'm a poor student. That's more interesting and funnier."

"I am not a singer or a rock star. Tennis is tennis. If you want to see a clown, go to a circus."

Marat Safin - always the one and only
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