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Bryan Bros Band

Hey! Well, since Tinne pretty much answered all your questions I don't know what else I can say. lol Thanks Tinne! The contest is on and we are giving 5 winners a Bryan Bros. Band CD called "Take Two" which is quite enjoyable! Also they will get 5 pictures of Mike and Bob, again enjoyable! lol All you have to do is tell us why you are a fan of Mike and Bob. Easy, huh?

As for how you became a fan, I've often wondered how many others were converted to Bryan-ism after the US Open that year. Bob's point was absolutely amazing. He was on his knees and he still managed to win the point! WOW! And Mike had a respectable showing against Andre. What more can you ask from them, considering their draws! We were happy though, because even though they got high ranked players we got to watch the matches because of it! Love that.

My sister and I did get to see the Bros. perform in their band last year in Washington DC. We went to the Legg Mason Tennis Classic and they play the player party there every year. Mike and Bob and their Dad (Wayne) got us in so that we could see them. We were very excited and taped the whole thing with my video camera. We have clips on the site of Andy rapping Ice, Ice Baby and of Mike playing the guitar while Bob plays the keyboards. We also have the audio up of them doing U2's "Beautiful Day". Very good. If you go to the Bryan Bros. Band page we have clips up of 3 of the songs on the CD. That way you have an idea of what you're getting if you win the contest! Be sure and enter!

We're going to the US Open too this year! We're going Thursday through Sunday of the first week. Probably won't see you there unless you come one of those days. And you'll find us where ever you find the twins. We're also going to Cincinnati and a few days of Indianapolis. Fun! Indy is next week and I can't wait! Woooo!

Ok, another long reply. Somebody stop me! LOL
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