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Oh you tricked us Leo! lol I looked at your message again and realized that you did say something about coverage...but I guess in my jealousy induced green haze, I totally skipped over that line of the message! lol

As for Indy, it's never too early to start wishing them good luck! No, Mike didn't get a WC into Indy's singles draw...just Bob. Still haven't heard for sure whether Mike will be making the trip to Indy. Depends on how quickly that pulled muscle has healed. I've got my fingers crossed that he'll be there though!

We're thinking of heading to Houston next year for the Masters finalized plans yet, but it's been discussed some. Cross your fingers for me! I think it would be amazing to go to that. The top 8 doubles teams and the top 8 singles players. Wow! It'd be a dream come true to see Mike and Bob play that...

@ Leo, are you going to any tournaments this year or have you already been? Have you ever met Mike and Bob? Since I'm new to this little discussion of your's and Tinne's, I don't know much about you. (I know ALL about Tinne! lol Hey girl!) So spill it! How did you become a Mike and Bob fan? You seem to be a pretty big fan...are you going to enter the contest we're holding? You could win a Bryan Bros. Band CD. Can't get it anywhere else! Did I convince you yet? (Still haven't gotten your entry Tinne! I'm Ok, off the shameless yeah, basically tell me about yourself.

Wow...that was a long post. Didn't intend for it to be when I started it. Oh well!
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