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Re: This should be the ATP calendar

Does anyone know what sort of power the ATP has if it actually wants to go about instituting changes on a large scale like this?

And as someone mentioned earlier, the little events are important, too. You can't simply stick a Masters Series event in the schedule in Asia or South America if there aren't smaller supporting tournaments around that time. That'll essentially require players to make the trek there and back for one event. That's not going to happen. What would be ideal is several events close by geographically occurring around the same time of year. Players could then essentially move from continent to continent, playing the important events (and hopefully giving viewers around the world a glimpse of all the top players at some time). There is some of this happening already to some extent, with the clay, hardcourt, and indoor seasons being divided up. But this is still mostly Europe/North America, and if tennis hopes to expand to other continents, the schedule will need to be altered.
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