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And here are my two cents

Right after he won his semis (which I watched on TV) I reserved my ticket - waited for about 5 min till I finaly got a free line...

...well my partents thought I was crazy but hey sometimes you have to be!! So I got up early on sunday morning as I had no clue how long it's going to take me to drive from my parents place to Gstaad. Well didn't take me as long as I thought. Almost got lost in Gstaad as I wasn't able to park at the same place Mrs. B. did on thuesday but finally found it Of course I was there far to early - enough to read all the newspapers ..... took my seat early so I wouldn't miss a thing. (how can you take your seats to late to miss the first few games??) As usual when Roger wins the toss he choose to serve first and had a pretty easy game. But you already could tell at Novaks serve that it's going to be though. Still he managed to break him to lead 4:2 in the first just to get broken himself. Just as well he was able to win the first set 7:5 thanks to one of the few UEs form Novak. Sure we were delightet. Still not that cheering. Exept for clapping our encouragement - but not that much shouting or singing. Then second set Roger got broken early but managed to level the set again at 3:3 just to get broken right away again. He's serve really wasn't on today guess he wanted it that much he was over concentrated and he showed emotions again... (Roger no good at least not that extensive!!!) so it was no wonder Novak took the second set. Same in the third set - there were more and more shouts beeing heard like come on Roger allleezzz Roger - Roger didn't find his rythm and made lots of UE's and still was strugeling with his serve!! So it's no surprise that Novak won this third set too!! (Sometimes I had the feeling Roger rushed too much for it - but more about that later...)
So now to the fourth set where the public really stood behind Roger - even though it was pretty quiet at some changeovers well to be honest at most of them!! But all of a sudden Novak had his five weak moments and Roger finaly played his game and took the set almost in now time with 6:1 now the public really was awake and was shouting Roger clap clap clap Roger clap clap clap (and for the first time you could even hear the cowbells!! there was a man from the wallis in the statiom with about 5 cowbells hanging on a wooden strunk across his shoulders..) Novak wasn't too pleased about that sound as it took a while till they were stil when he was ready to open that last set! And Roger had 2 bp but missed both of them (guess I don't have to tell you that the winner might have been an other when he could make that break) and keep on strugeling with his serve. He was able to hold till 2:2 but at 3:2 Novak he had 3 bps against him and Novak took the first chance....

... you really could tell that Roger's arms and legs got heavier and heavier the longer the match went. And so it's no surprise that he had no longer any answers to Novaks serve.....

...despite not winning Roger played great and Novak just was the better man. So acknowleged Roger in the oncourt interview saying that the result desn't lie about his third final loss in Switzerland he said he's getting used to it (poor boy) but that the ones in Basel were more disapointing.

Well as you all know his day wasn't finished yet. Right after the match was the ceremony of course and the press conference of course but then there was a helicopter waiting for him - to take him to Liestal where the ceremony was set at 16.00 h!!!! (Geee to be honest how stubborn can some ppl be to squese such a ceremony into an alreay overloaded shedule?? O.K. the match started early 11.30 h (and that for a final!!!) sure nobody really expected a 3 hrs marathon but still!! I wouldn't be surprised if that ceremony was deep hidden somewhere in Rogers head forcing him to rush on some points where he would have been better of to play save but win the point on the next stroke than beautiful and lose the point..... that my two cents to his shedule)

After that he went on an helicopter again to be live at the sportpanorama he came late (no wonder) but he came and was still sooo relaxed and yet so moved when he saw these wimby pix as Mrs. B. said he got the video and can now suck it in what all happened since last Sunday!! Well after that he's day wasn't over yet as there was yet an other live interview with the french Swiss TV... for today there's a photoshooting for the Annabelle and tomorrow that expo match with Yves and then finally he'll have his well deserved holiday!! Relax Roger!! It's hard not to see you play for two weeks but hey fill up your batteries again couse we need you fit for the US summer!!

as for my day I stayed with a couple hundreds of others to watch the doubles final....
....wasn't that great sure you still could feel the disapointment of Roger loosing around and most of the ppl left after the singles. To bad for the doubles players who would have deserved a larger crowd as well even when the play was avrage exept from some really nice points.

Then I felt hungry and was looking for an ice cream and got it free as they wanted to get rid of it as they were closing the stand!! Same with the noodle dish. Already thought I came to late as the ppl were already cleaning the counter but then I heard that there's some left and I asked if I could have some. The guy said it's not warm anymore and I said that doesn't bother me and I got my plate for free as well

Just made it right in time home to see Roger in the Sportspanorama (and watched it again at the second airing)

So yes it was a fun day even when the icing on the cake was missing. But hey our boy did great!! (Gee guess the public would have goone insane if he really would have won.) To bad for all the autograph hunters as he was running out of time (now wonder with that shedule) he for once didn't have time for them... which is perfectly understandable.

Well enjoy your holidays Roger!!
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