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Re: Favourite Marat Quotes

"That is a question without any answer. He says yes but, you know, Yevgeny has like seven Fridays in a week."

"I think Goran, he was like this since the beginning. He didn't just become crazy when he was on ATP. He was already like this when he was young, the same like me, yes. Yes, I was like this already. I think it's a question of parents. Normally the father, if he's a big fighter, normally you become crazy. You smash racquets, you know, you get crazy on the court like your parents."

"Everybody. Everybody's great. We all get along. We go out to dinner or the bars, I get along with everyone. That's the thing with men's tennis. We compete. Then we leave the court and we are friends. We go to eat, we go to bars. Just because I play you in a match, I have to hate you? No."

"He's (Santoro) the only person in this world who can beat me - no, I mean who beat me five times in a row without any problems. This is the only one who can drive me crazy on the court like he did already for two years.

"Being told I am having to play Santoro is like being told I am going to die."

Marat Safin - always the one and only
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