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Davis Cup 1st Round Tie: Australia vs. Sweden

No rest for the weary. It's off to Adelaide to begin this year's Davis Cup campaign. Earlier last week, Philippoussis complained about the crowded schedule, and it is tough for players like Federer and Safin, who now have to jet back and get ready for more important matches.

Sweden's team features hard-serving up-and-comers Robin Soderling and, of course, the noble Pim Pim. It will be interesting to see who they choose to play. Australia has some potential soap operas in the wake of the Cash/Philippoussis feud, and Woodbridge's remarks. Not to mention, of course, the Hewitt/Johansson love connection.

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And, of course, best of luck to Australia.

No thanks to Pat Cash, who is threatening to place a restraining order on Mark.

Cash considers restraining order
February 2, 2004

Pat Cash is considering applying for a restraining order against Mark Philippoussis after claiming to have received two threatening phone calls last week.

According to newspaper reports, 1987 Wimbledon winner Cash said he was "repeatedly threatened with the most hostile form of physical violence" by Philippoussis.

Cash added he might make a formal complaint to police about it.

The news threatens to become a serious distraction for Philippoussis in the lead-up to Australia's first-round Davis Cup tie against Sweden starting on Friday in Adelaide.

Cash said Philippoussis rang him on Wednesday after the former world No.4 publicly blamed pop star Delta Goodrem's presence at the Australian Open for the Scud's fourth round loss to 50th seed Moroccan Hicham Arazi.

On Melbourne radio, Cash had insinuated that the 19-year-old singer had kept Philippoussis up the previous night of the match.

The 27-year-old Philippoussis then phoned Cash to vent his anger before Cash called him back later to explain his media comments.

"Both times he completely lost his cool and evidence would seem to suggest that it's pretty clear I hit a nerve," said Cash, who used to coach Philippoussis before their relationship soured in 2000.

"I'm not prepared to suffer such a string of foul-mouthed insults - not from anyone, least of all Mark Philippoussis - who I regard as the most blatant waster of talent in the current game of tennis.

"Currently I'm deciding whether to make a formal complaint of his threatening behaviour to the police.

"A restraining order in the build-up to Australia's opening match in their Davis Cup defence against Sweden next week might make interesting reading for him."

Cash revealed Philippoussis had accused him of sabotaging his chances in last year's Wimbledon final by writing in his Sunday Times column - on the morning of the final - about Philippoussis' liking for strip clubs and his relationship with Russian glamour Anna Kournikova.

Cash also said he was appalled by Philippoussis' description of the dual Australian Open finalist as a loser.

"I know I'm far from perfect but the facts are I won a grand slam title as well as reaching two other finals, taking both to five sets," Cash said.

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Re: Davis Cup 1st Round Tie: Australia vs. Sweden

Davis Cup starting again! Go Australia!

While it's good to see Lleyton playing any time though I think it's a bit stupid that they make the defending champions play the first round just two months after winning the thing!
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Re: Davis Cup 1st Round Tie: Australia vs. Sweden

If an Aussie victory is important to Cash, he should care more about the team, than a fight with Flip

"Well whoopee do da, what do you want me to do about it mate?"

-Lleyton Hewitt
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Re: Davis Cup 1st Round Tie: Australia vs. Sweden

"I know I'm far from perfect but the facts are I won a grand slam title as well as reaching two other finals, taking both to five sets,"
Ooooooooh, la di f*****g da Cash.

Good Luck Aussies
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Re: Davis Cup 1st Round Tie: Australia vs. Sweden



Brazen Barmy Bitch


"I'm just on a mission today. But the end result, you will feel better."
"Not when you go home alone tonight I won't..."

"What is your good luck charm?"
--Derek and Shannon
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Re: Davis Cup 1st Round Tie: Australia vs. Sweden

Did you guys see that article in the Bladder about Cash?

It was so
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Give us a break: Hewitt
By Leo Schlink
February 3, 2004

LLEYTON Hewitt has sounded the first warning over Australia's Davis Cup defence, claiming the break between last year's final triumph over Spain and this week's clash with Sweden is too short.

Hewitt, Mark Philippoussis, Wayne Arthurs and Todd Woodbridge will do battle with Mats Wilander's underdog Swedes on Rebound Ace at Memorial Drive from Friday, but Hewitt yesterday renewed his plea for better scheduling.

The dual world champion believes the two finalists - in this case Australia and Spain - should be given a first-round bye into the following year's competition.

"I think that Australians understand tennis and Davis Cup as much as anyone and most can't understand why we won the trophy for our country in December and have to go and defend it straight away," he said.

"It doesn't make any sense. The two finalists should receive a first-round bye or maybe they should be looking at making the Cup a two-year event, which would make it even more special."

Hewitt, beaten in the fourth round at Melbourne Park by eventual champion Roger Federer, said Spaniard Juan Carlos Ferrero's groin, back and leg injuries were a result of a gruelling schedule.

"Juan Carlos had a really demanding end to last year with the Masters, the Davis Cup final, the Australian Open semi-final and next week he would have had to go to the Czech Republic to play for Spain.

"It's no wonder there are so many players playing with niggles."

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Thanks for the article, Tara.

Pat Cash is backing down, and Masur tries to restore harmony.

Scud-Cash row sparks unity call
By Tim Dornin
February 3, 2004

Davis Cup coach Wally Masur has backed Mark Philippoussis to be mentally ready for this week's tie against Sweden despite a damaging row with Pat Cash.

Singles star Philippoussis was a notable absentee from Australia's first training session at the cup venue in Adelaide yesterday as Lleyton Hewitt, Todd Woodbridge and Wayne Arthurs all fine-tuned.

His absence coincided with reports saying former Wimbledon champion Cash was considering seeking a restraining order against him following two phone conversations during the Open.

Masur said it was no more than a planned day off for Philippoussis after training hard with his teammates in Melbourne over the past three days.

He was expected to rejoin the team today ahead of the first-round clash with Sweden starting on Friday.

The coach was confident Philippoussis was over his fourth-round loss to Hicham Arazi at the Open and the criticism it drew, notably from Cash.

"The good thing about Mark is he's a big boy and he's moved on and you'll see that tomorrow when he gets on the court," Masur said yesterday.

"He's hitting the ball pretty well."

It remains to be seen whether pop star Delta Goodrem is again on hand to support Philippoussis at the tie following the fuss about her appearances in his box at the Open.

Last week Cash claimed an enraged Philippoussis rang and threatened him after he'd suggested the singer may have contributed to his disappointing performance against Arazi.

However Cash yesterday backed away from the simmering feud.

"He (Cash) is not doing any more interviews and letting it all die down," Cash's manager Jim Flaherty said.

Asked about suggestions Cash would make a complaint to police, Flaherty said: "That won't happen. It was never an issue and was just something brought up in the media."

Masur said Philippoussis was unfazed.

"Obviously there was a day where he received some criticism in the paper and he wasn't overly happy about that," Masur said.

"He was disappointed but he's moved on and I was really happy with his last three days on the court - very, very positive."

Masur called for unity among Australian tennis players past and present.

"The thing about the Australian fraternity, there's not a lot of us and you'd sort of hope that we're all sticking together and we're all moving in the same direction," he said.

However he accepted Cash was his own man and would always be somewhat controversial.

"He's got his own road and he's travelling that way," Masur said. "He makes his decisions, he'll live by them.

"At the end of the day we're all grown men and you've got to take these things on board and move on."

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Re: Davis Cup 1st Round Tie: Australia vs. Sweden

Swedish tv will show the matches

"Well whoopee do da, what do you want me to do about it mate?"

-Lleyton Hewitt
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Re: Davis Cup 1st Round Tie: Australia vs. Sweden

Poor Jas.....
Sweden's man with inside knowledge
Paul Malone

SWEDISH power server Joachim Johansson expects to have one Australian willing him on at next week's Davis Cup tie -- the sister of Lleyton Hewitt.

Jaslyn Hewitt is Johansson's girlfriend and he has practised on the Hewitts' home-town court, Adelaide's Memorial Drive, where the first-round tie between Australia and Sweden starts on Friday.
Johansson, 21, and Robin Soderling, 19, started pressing Swedish captain Mats Wilander for singles berths ahead of experienced teammates Jonas Bjorkman and Thomas Enqvist when the Swedes started practising in Adelaide yesterday.

Asked who he expected Jaslyn Hewitt to barrack for after supporting her brother and boyfriend at Australian Open matches, Johansson said: "She has to go for me. It's an easy decision.

"I hope I get to play singles and doubles. It's what I'm playing for.

"I've practised on that centre court in Adelaide for like three weeks.

"Practising with Lleyton has been a great help."

Johansson played above his world ranking of No. 90 at the Australian Open, losing a third round match to Spain's world No. 3 Juan Carlos Ferrero in four tight sets.

He also sent down a 225km/h serve, which sees him sharing the distinction with American Andy Roddick for hitting the fastest serve of the tournament.

Absent Thomas Johansson, Sweden's 2002 Australian Open champion, said he expects Soderling, another tall, big serving player ranked No. 57, to be a certain singles selection.

He said Joachim had a chance of getting the second singles berth, which would see him scheduled to play Hewitt in the fifth and last rubber of the tie.

Joachim said the Swedes had hoped Hewitt and Mark Philippoussis would venture further at the Open than their fourth-round exits, to tire them out for cup duty.

Johansson is looking for a second Davis Cup singles match after losing his debut last April to Wayne Arthurs in a dead rubber when Australia took a 3-0 lead in the tie.

"We lost last time in Sweden when Lleyton played very well and Flip (Philippoussis) played incredible against Bjorkman on the first day. I don't think they can play much better than they did in Sweden and we can raise our game a fair bit," he said.

Australian captain John Fitzgerald said Sweden appeared to be ready to take a gamble on youth.

"Whether they go for two new faces or not is a different story. They might want to go with one young and one experienced player," he said.

Hewitt will not arrive in Adelaide until tomorrow because his fiancee Kim Clijsters will play in the Australian Open women's final today
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Re: Davis Cup 1st Round Tie: Australia vs. Sweden

We wouldn't do that to our own
Paul Malone

DAVIS Cup mainstay Jonas Bjorkman says Swedish tennis greats would not attack current players the way Pat Cash has criticised Mark Philippoussis.

Bjorkman said grand slam winners Bjorn Borg, current Davis Cup captain Mats Wilander and Stefan Edberg did not "have to be in the spotlight" the way he thought Wimbledon champion Cash wanted to be.
Bjorkman, Sweden's top-ranked player for the tie against Australia starting on Friday, said he expected controversy surrounding comments by Cash and Todd Woodbridge about Philippoussis's friendship with singer Delta Goodrem would unify the Australian team.

Cash threatened to take out a restraining order against Philippoussis on Sunday over angry phone conversations they had in the aftermath to Cash's comments that the Wimbledon runner-up looked like he had been "up all night" before his Open loss to Hicham Arazi.

"It wouldn't happen in Sweden that a player who played in the past are going aggressively (against) any other players," Bjorkman said.

"They don't have to be in the spotlight any more. They can handle doing something different and they go back to a normal life. That's the Swedish mentality and it works well.

"Sometimes these situations could help even more to get the Australian boys together and help each other out. The strength of the Australian team is that there's always a good team spirit."

Bjorkman said he hoped his regular doubles partner Woodbridge would have trouble concentrating on the tie because of Philippoussis's reaction to his comments.

Woodbridge said last week other players would not have left themselves open to distractions by seating a celebrity girlfriend at their matches.

But the Swedish veteran said he knew Woodbridge and Philippoussis had ironed out any problems last week.

"Todd sorted it out quickly with Mark and everyone. Todd was affected last week, which maybe hurt us a little (in an Australian Open doubles semi-final loss)," Bjorkman said.

"I wish he's not sharp, but I think he will be ready (for doubles) on Saturday."

Swedish teenager Robin Soderling, ranked No. 57, sought physiotherapy yesterday after slightly turning an ankle at practice.
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Oh no, here we go...article critical of Mark for avoiding press conference questions and of John Fitzgerald for protecting him. Keira (I think ) was probably right about them not looking too happy in the press conference pics.

Fitzgerald shields the Scud
By Michael McGuire
February 4, 2004

MARK PHILIPPOUSSIS turned 27 in November, a grown man by anyone's definition, but it doesn't mean he's allowed to speak for himself.

In the closeted world of sport, and tennis in particular, it's out of bounds to ask about anything that doesn't directly reflect an athlete's on-field performance.

Therefore, just because Philippoussis has been heavily criticised by a former great of Australian tennis in Pat Cash, who also accused him of threatening physical violence, and by team-mate Todd Woodbridge, it doesn't mean he should be allowed to defend himself.

Davis Cup babysitter John Fitzgerald came down hard on anyone who tried to raise either topic at yesterday's question-and-answer session with the team that will play Sweden in Adelaide starting on Friday.

"I'm happy to answer anything if you want, but I'd prefer if we'd stay on Davis Cup," Fitzgerald, a part-time commentator for Channel Seven, said in answer to a question directed at Philippoussis.

"We're not really interested in anything that angles towards tabloid journalism, I don't think. It's not what this team's about."

The babysitter even played the old "blame the media" card when Philippoussis was asked about the less-than-complimentary comments of doubles specialist Woodbridge, who also happened to be sitting next to him at the press conference.

Although the media can, just occasionally, be guilty of the odd beat-up, with Woodbridge no further amplification was necessary.

Woodbridge said on radio that his team-mate, with whom he won the Davis Cup only two months ago, was "the type of guy who has been happy to give 70 per cent".

To that he added on the presence of teenage pop star Delta Goodrem in the Philippoussis entourage that: "I can't answer that for him, but if it was me, Pat Rafter or Roger Federer for that matter, then I don't think you'd see them doing that".

"There are times for fun, there are times for partying and there are times for other stuff, but there are also the times of focus and complete dedication," Woodbridge said.

Game, set and match to Mr Woodbridge.

But not according to captain Fitzgerald, who said team morale was not under threat.

"This team is a very solid unit," Fitzgerald said.

"I have already answered it once, a very solid unit, and we are not interested in developing a story that we don't think there's anything in.

"It has been overplayed absolutely, to the point of the ridiculous and these guys are all here fighting together as a combined unit."

Well, the fighting bit is probably right.

The only thing Philippoussis had to say about the whole imbroglio was at the Adelaide airport earlier in the day when he said in regard to Cash that "I just laugh at things like that".

"I have got more important things to worry about like the Davis Cup and that is what is on my mind, nothing else."

Philippoussis also said that he was well prepared for the tie against Sweden despite missing Australia's first two training sessions in Adelaide because he was in Sydney fulfilling business commitments.

Philippoussis, along with Lleyton Hewitt and doubles player Wayne Arthurs, practised in Melbourne for three days before heading to South Australia.

"This is a Davis Cup tie and just as I did in the other ones I'll give it 110 per cent, go out there and win it for myself, the team, the captain, coach and the country," Philippoussis said.

It could also be a big weekend for Hewitt, who if he wins both singles matches against Sweden, will set an Australian record for Davis Cup wins, beating the mark set by Adrian Quist, who first played in 1933.

The Australian
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From smh, Mark's missed two practices. Some nice remarks by Lleyton about Pim Pim at the end of the article.

Scud jets in but all quiet on Cash
By Linda Pearce
February 4, 2004

Mark Philippoussis finally arrived in Adelaide yesterday afternoon, missing Australia's second practice session on the Memorial Drive match court but not the swirl of controversy encircling this week's first-round Davis Cup tie against Sweden.

Speaking publicly for the first time since suggestions from Pat Cash and John Alexander that off-court distractions had contributed to his demise at the Australian Open, Philippoussis said commercial obligations were the reason for his late appearance, but was spared further scrutiny by the interjections of his captain, John Fitzgerald.

"I just had something that I had to do, I had to fulfil some contracts," Philippoussis said after arriving from Melbourne. "Having done so, I came in as soon as I was done."

Philippoussis practised later with hitting partner Todd Reid, supervised by Fitzgerald and coach Wally Masur, after the full squad had hit for more than three hours in the middle of the day. The hero of last year's final against Spain, Philippoussis had worked from Friday to Sunday with Lleyton Hewitt and Wayne Arthurs at Melbourne Park, and was granted a Monday rest.

Indeed, despite his delayed entrance leaving only two more days of centre court practice, the 27-year-old was adamant he would be prepared for Friday's singles, probably against Swedish debutant Robin Soderling. "We've all been on the court, trained pretty hard, so it's not like I haven't been doing anything," Philippoussis said. "It'll definitely be enough preparation."

Fitzgerald was strident in his defence of his singles No.1, intervening when responses were sought from Philippoussis over not just his messy stoush with Cash, but also Todd Woodbridge's description of his cup teammate as "the type of guy who's been happy to give 70 per cent".

Woodbridge, who had been speaking on radio, claimed to have been quoted out of context. "We don't want to answer that - he's not going to talk," Fitzgerald said. "I'm happy to answer anything if you want, but I'd prefer if it stayed on Davis Cup.

"This team is a very solid unit and we're not interested in trying to develop a story that we don't think there's anything in. I think it's been overplayed absolutely, to the point of the ridiculous, and these guys are all here fighting together as a combined unit . . . We're not going to listen, if [Cash] says something like that."

At the airport, Philippoussis said suggestions that Cash was considering taking out a restraining order against him were laughable, and insisted Davis Cup was the only thing on his mind. In Townsville the previous night, Pat Rafter had insisted his former doubles partner "will rise above that, and he'll go out there and give 100 per cent, not 70 per cent".

Swedish coach Mats Wilander ignored queries about Philippoussis and focused on the obvious home advantages his team will concede. "They've most probably played on this court since they were little kids; Lleyton obviously is from here, so I think it's totally different from us," he said.

All the Swedes except Jonas Bjorkman have been in Adelaide since last Thursday. Wilander said he would not be making his selections known before Friday's draw, but 57th-ranked Soderling is favoured for one singles place, and Bjorkman will certainly play doubles, most likely with teenager Joachim Johansson, the partner of Hewitt's sister Jaslyn.

"I think he's ready," Hewitt said. "He's not one that shies away from big matches, big arenas, and he gave [Juan Carlos] Ferrero a hell of a fright at the Australian Open.

"So he'd be a tough player if he gets put in, and [he's] got a good game for doubles as well, so I'm not sure if we'll see him on Friday or Saturday."
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'Awesome' record chance for Hewitt
February 4, 2004

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While he doesn't dwell on records, Lleyton Hewitt admits it would be "awesome" to become Australia's most successful singles player in Davis Cup history.

Especially so to do it in his home city of Adelaide.

Hewitt, 22, is second on the list with 23 wins, equal with Pat Cash and Jack Crawford and just one behind Adrian Quist.

Hewitt said he had heard about the record but had not thought much about it beyond that.

"Any record like that is pretty incredible and to have the opportunity to at least tie it in Adelaide would be an awesome place to do it," he said. "But then I've got to go out there and try to get the job done on Friday. Hopefully it doesn't come down to trying to break the record outright late on Sunday afternoon."

Hewitt's Davis Cup career stretches back just five years compared with nine for Quist and eight for Cash and Crawford.

Team captain John Fitzgerald said that showed the class of the former world No 1. "He's not 23 yet and to have 23 wins up on the board for his country, that simply speaks for itself," he said. "It's really only a matter of time."


TENNIS: Hewitt poised to take singles record
ADELAIDE'S favourite sporting son Lleyton Hewitt hopes Memorial Drive is not the setting for a record which beckons him as Australia's all-time Davis Cup singles winner in the tie against Sweden starting on Friday.

Hewitt needs one singles win to tie and two to break Adrian Quist's Australian Davis Cup record of 24 singles wins in the appropriate venue of his home city.

But Hewitt, 22, did not play in dead, day-three rubbers in three of the four ties last year, with the only tie requiring him to play a second singles match being when he dug in to inflict a five-set defeat on Swiss Roger Federer in the semi-final round.

"I don't think about it but any record like that is pretty incredible and to have the chance to at least tie it in Adelaide would be an awesome place to do it," he said yesterday.

"I have to get the job done on Friday and hopefully it doesn't come down to whether I break the record on Sunday afternoon (in a live match).

"It's a court where I've practised a lot but this is one of the toughest first-round encounters you can have. We'll have to be very wary especially on the first couple of days."

The most singles wins in Davis Cup are by Italian Nicola Pietrangeli with 78 from 110 matches in a staggering 66 ties.

But Hewitt's 23 wins and five losses from 16 ties has him well positioned to forge one of the greatest Davis Cup careers.

Australian Davis Cup coach Wally Masur believes his win-loss ratio one day could mirror or better some of the legendary Cup warriors including John McEnroe (41-8), Boris Becker (38-3), Bjorn Borg (37-3), Andre Agassi (30-5) and Roy Emerson (21-2).

Hewitt's win-loss ratio entering his sixth Davis Cup year is superior to Grand Slam champions including Federer (15-6), Rod Laver (16-4), Mats Wilander (36-16), Stefan Edberg (35-15), John Newcombe (16-7) and Pat Cash (23-7).

"Lleyton has a way to go but he could be up there with Borg and Becker, among the best of all-time in Davis Cup," Australian coach Wally Masur said.

"It would be terrific for Lleyton for it (the record) to happen here and terrific for us because it might clinch the tie for us.

"It's an amazing record for a 22-year-old and he's winning between four and eight matches a year."

Masur said Australia needed to build a team around Hewitt to enable him to keep playing in the 16-nation world group.

"It's a team event and we need to keep a good team about him. If he gets plenty of wins and we aren't in the world group, how significant is it?" Masur said.

"It's important that the likes of Todd Reid and Chris Guccione step up over the next few years. Hopefully Mark (Philippoussis) will stay healthy."

Hewitt said Sweden's third-ranked player, big serving Joachim Johansson, was ready for Davis Cup selection.

Johansson is the boyfriend of Hewitt's sister Jaslyn and practised for many days on Memorial Drive centre court with Hewitt in December.


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