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Re: 2004 Australian Open

Who died?

Brazen Barmy Bitch


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I think they're refering to this..

Australian cricketers remember Hookes before training

The Australian cricket team went into a huddle for a minute's silence today before training at the SCG to remember former Test player David Hookes who died last night.

Hookes died in hospital from head injuries sustained when he was punched to the ground outside a Melbourne pub on Sunday night.

Hookes, who had combined coaching the Victorian cricket team with a successful media career, was celebrating an ING Cup one-day win over his home state South Australia with teammates at the Beaconsfield Hotel immediately before the fracas.

Australian captain Ricky Ponting said his deputy, Adam Gilchrist, had suggested the minute's silence.

"We all got together and thought it would be the right thing to do and it was actually Gilly's idea to do that," Ponting said.

"So we paid our respects today and I'm sure we'll pay some more respects as time goes on."

Ponting said Hookes would be honoured again before Thursday's tri-series one-day match against India in Sydney.

"I'm sure leading up to the game there'll be another minute's silence on the game day and we'll certainly be doing all we can to pay our respects," he said.

"We'll obviously be wearing the black armbands and doing everything we can to let everybody know we're thinking of David and his family."

Ponting said Hookes' death was a huge loss to Australian cricket.

"I think everybody has obviously been very saddened by the events of the last 24 hours," he said.

"It certainly hit home pretty strongly with the guys, you know a bit stronger I suppose with the guys like [Victorian Ian] Harvey, [SA's] Jason Gillespie ... but I think most of the guys in the team had a fair relationship with David over a long period of time.

"He was always away on overseas tour with us, he was never backward in coming forward and letting the guys know what he thought about how we were playing and all that so it's a huge loss to Australia."

Gilchrist said Hookes was sometimes controversial but always had the best interests of the game at heart.

"He prompted people to think about many different things," he said.

"He asked the hard questions, he was always sure it was in the best interests of the game.

"Sometimes people may have questioned that but at the end of the day, particularly now in time of reflection on David Hookes and what he had, he did get people to think and get everything moving forward in the right direction."

The Australian wicketkeeper said it had still not fully sunk in.

"Everyone is just stunned," he said.

"I think everyone is still a bit dazed by it all but really [we're] just trying to rally round each other and think of his family."

He was hit by the bouncer which is why they asked if Lleyton's had troubles with bouncers.
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Re: 2004 Australian Open

The question about "Mamool" refers to Lleyton's coach, Roger Rasheed. That's Lleyton's nickname for Roger.
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Well i saw Lleyton's match yesterday and i've got to say it was hardly the most convincing victory i've ever seen from him. He was really in control of the points at all times against a pretty poor opponent.

I hope for the best but gotta say he'll have to play alot better if he wants to win this.

Good luck Lleyton!
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Re: 2004 Australian Open

Hewitt pays trubute to Hookes
January 20, 2004

TENNIS star Lleyton Hewitt paid tribute to David Hookes today, saying the former cricket star's death highlighted the potential for danger faced by high-profile people in public.

Hookes died yesterday after being involved in an altercation outside a Melbourne hotel.

A security guard has been charged over the incident.

"I haven't experienced any real troubles when I thought I was in danger at all," said Hewitt, after beating American Cecil Mamiit today at the Australian Open.

But there have been times when you get people heckling or swearing or whatever.

"I've seen it with other people as well, other sports people or whatever, that I've been out with and I've heard stories."peAlthough both men came from South Australia, Hewitt said he had only met Hookes socially on a handful of occasions.

When asked if he thought there was a general South Australian feeling of loss at Hookes' death, Hewitt replied: "I think for anyone, as an Australian more than anything.

"Someone that plays the elite level of a huge sport in Australia.

" ... it's obviously shocking news what happened a day or so ago.

"You've got to be pretty careful when you go out.

"You know it can happen to anyone."

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Re: 2004 Australian Open

Third time unlucky as 'curse of Hewitt' strikes again
By Chip Le Grand
January 21, 2004
KAROL KUCERA is not superstitious by nature. But after watching Lleyton Hewitt's last three opponents pull out of their matches in varying degrees of pain, Kucera won't be taking any chances when walks out to assume the most hazardous position in men's tennis.

"I'm taking care of my ankle pretty seriously," said Kucera, who has turned more than his share in recent years. "Hopefully I am fit enough to stay healthy."

Kucera was jesting in part. After beating Belgian Xavier Malisse on a distant, outside court yesterday, the Slovakian will play Hewitt for the third time in as many weeks. Having lost their previous two matches, he has more to ponder than the ill-fortune besetting others.

But if the curse of Hewitt, as it has become known, is not weighing overly in the mind of Kucera, Hewitt might still find himself cutting a lonely figure over the next few days whenever he enters the men's locker room or joins the queue in the players' cafeteria. If Kucera is not superstitious, other players are, and the first week of a Grand Slam is not the time to tempt fate.

When Martin Verkerk complained of sickness at the start of his second set against Hewitt in Sydney last week and Carlos Moya rolled an ankle the next day, other circumstances were available to blame.

Verkerk was taken by a mystery illness after a long rain delay and, at the time, it was suggested that having already put together a nice preparation for the Australian Open, the Dutchman lacked the stomach to take it any further against Hewitt.

Moya's ankle meanwhile, has become a stock-standard injury for players not used to the sticky, Rebound Ace surface.

The mishap which yesterday struck American journeyman Cecil Mamiit however, was not so easily explained. Rather, it was nothing short of bizarre.

Hewitt said he had never seen a player run headlong into the umpire's chair. Nor had he heard of it ever happening. No doubt it has happened somewhere and sometime before, but the probability of an eight-year tour veteran jamming an ankle beneath a seated official appears remote at best. If it had happened in an AFL match Mamiit would have been suspended for two weeks.

And the plot thickens.

Hewitt has taken to calling his coach Roger Rasheed by the nickname Mamool. Hewitt explained yesterday the name came about after Rasheed punted his hard-earned dollars on the horse of the same name in last year's Melbourne Cup. Rasheed's family is Lebanese and he saw an omen in the fact that the Godolphin-trained stallion was named after a popular Lebanese dessert.

Not only did Mamool run last and last by a long way, he broke a leg on the Flemington track. The Godolphin stable has its own Melbourne curse to worry about but the warning for Kucera and the other men left in Hewitt's side of the draw is clear. Kucera will be taping that ankle carefully indeed.

If there are strange forces at work around Hewitt, the former world No.1 is not fazed. While the record will show he has claimed three straight matches by default, he pointed out in typically combative fashion that he had been winning every match before injury struck.

Mamiit's unlikely run-in with officials came after he failed to run down a delicate, spinning volley Hewitt landed to close out the second set. If not for the positioning of the umpire's chair, he might have finished up in the second row of stands in the Rod Laver Arena.

After lengthy treatment from courtside trainers, Mamiit returned to serve the first game of the second, but was reduced to hopping to the net by the time he declared his Australian Open was over. The final score read 6-2 6-4 0-1.

As with his Adidas International semi-final against Verkerk and final against Moya, this was not the way Hewitt wanted to win. But Mamiit is not a player Hewitt enjoys sharing a court with anyway. With the memories of his first-round loss two years ago to Spaniard Alberto Martin still ingrained in the Hewitt psyche, he was relieved to reach the second round.

Hewitt's relief was shared by a tour-weary Juan Carlos Ferrero, who pushed aside last week's first-round loss in Sydney to roll past fellow Spaniard Albert Montanes in a little over an hour. The biggest scalp of the day was claimed by Frenchman Cyril Saulnier, who upset fifth seed Guillermo Coria in straight sets.

Hewitt described Mamiit as a "different kind of opponent".

"He doesn't come out and cream winners at all," Hewitt said.

"He doesn't try to put that much pressure on you. It wasn't too often that he actually came inside the baseline. If felt like he was standing about 10 metres behind the baseline just trying to run everything down."

Against Kucera tomorrow, Hewitt faces a different task again. In their most recent meeting in Sydney, Kucera skipped out to a 4-0 lead before Hewitt rallied to win 12 of the next 13 games.

"He moves the ball around well," Hewitt said. "He moves extremely well. He's got a pretty good serve on his as well. It is no easy match."

Kucera says the past two weeks have given him inside knowledge on how Hewitt is playing and he has a few tactics in mind. That is, if he can beat the curse and finish a match against Hewitt in one piece.
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Rod Laver Arena

11:00 AM
Start 1. Men's Singles - 2nd Rnd.
Filippo Volandri (ITA) vs. Juan Carlos Ferrero (ESP)[3]
followed by:
2. Women's Singles - 2nd Rnd.
Maria Elena Camerin (ITA) vs. Kim Clijsters (BEL)[2]
3. Men's Singles - 2nd Rnd.
Lleyton Hewitt (AUS)[15] vs. Karol Kucera (SVK)

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Re: 2004 Australian Open

Thanks Nomad! I'm interested they haven't given Lleyton a night match yet.
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Im glad Lleyton's match isn't at night hehe because I have netball on Thursday nights haha but it might be better if he gets a few along the way because its not as hot and humid

We get to watch Kim then Lleyton straight after whhooo

Good luck to them both!!!!!!!

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Re: 2004 Australian Open

Lleyton Hewitt will supply his own mini version of the national cheer squad for his second-round match against Karol Kucera this afternoon in a bid to replicate the raucous Aussie-oi crowd support on which he thrives in Davis Cup play.

Hewitt's coach, Roger Rasheed, will provide up to 30 tickets to members of the Fanatics, the official Davis Cup supporter group, who are not allocated preferential block seating at the open. Hewitt is a close friend of Warren Livingstone, the Fanatics' leader.

"Obviously, the Australian players feed off the support, and they think because it's their home open they should be able to do that," said Livingstone, who plans to approach Davis Cup team members Mark Philippoussis and Wayne Arthurs in the hope of snaring surplus seats.

But, contrary to previous reports of a Fanatics "ban" and Livingstone's belief that open chief executive Paul McNamee is determined to keep the cheer squad from doing its partisan singing, chanting routine at the Melbourne Park grand slam, Tennis Australian spokesman John Lindsay said the support for Hewitt would be welcome.

"What we said is that we don't make special provision for particular groups, so, as a grand slam, unlike Davis Cup, we don't put a particular block aside for a group for a particular country. We've never 'banned' the Fanatics, we just don't make special provision," Lindsay said.
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Re: 2004 Australian Open

Go the Fanatics! I think that was stupid decision. I think that, within reason and provided that they comply with normal fair ticketing procedures, a large group from any nation should be able to get seats together if they want. It really adds to the atmosphere.

I know they mean well and to be fair to non-Aussies (which after certain other slams last year is a noble intention) but it just seems a bit party-pooper-ish to me! And probably encouraged the rest of the crowd to be more biased rather than less anyway.
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Hewitt lends a hand
Shaun Phillips

LLEYTON Hewitt has wrong-footed officialdom by securing centre-court seats for contentious supporters' group the Fanatics.

Australian Open organisers had refused to set aside seats inside Rod Laver Arena for the Fanatics, saying their loudly partisan approach to barracking offended the spirit of grand slam competition.
But Hewitt is a huge fan of the group, which has provided a rousing score to some of the dual grand slam winner's most memorable performances, especially in Davis Cup matches.

Now he's taken matters into his own hands, securing a block of 20 seats for the Fanatics for his match today against Karol Kucera, and for as long as his Australian Open campaign runs.

Hundreds of Fanatics filled an entire wedge of Rod Laver Arena for the Davis Cup final two months ago.

Leader Warren "Wozza" Livingstone promised the chosen few would make their presence felt today.

Livingstone said Hewitt's coach, Roger Rasheed, had made contact to offer the seats.

"Lleyton's been a very strong supporter of ours, so it was great that he could organise something," Livingstone said.

"I suppose it recognises that we know how to gee up the Australian crowd and help people have a good time.

"It's also, I suppose, about knowing when Lleyton needs a bit of a spur on.

"Obviously we'd love to have organised something official and get more numbers there, but I think we can still encourage the crowd to really get behind Lleyton.

"We're also trying to get in contact with Flip (Mark Philippoussis) and the other Australians to see if we can organise something for their centre-court matches."

The Davis Cup team, led by Hewitt and Philippoussis, praised the Fanatics after their triumph over Spain at Melbourne Park.

Australian Open management stresses there is nothing to stop individuals dressing up and sitting together, but it stands by its policy of refusing to help partisan groups form blocks in the 15,000 capacity Rod Laver Arena.

Livingstone said the Fanatics were careful not to barrack against opposition players.

"We're never going to do anything that's going to put the other player off," he said.

Membership of the Fanatics is open to anyone under 35 willing to pay for a T-shirt and open up with a song, a chant or a cheer. There are 47,000 people on the group's mailing list.

The group was born during celebrations following Pat Rafter's victory in the 1997 US Open.

Livingstone, who with friends had been cheering enthusiastically for Rafter from high in the bleachers, bumped into tennis legends John Newcombe and Tony Roche at a New York bar.

They suggested Livingstone and his mates head to a Davis Cup tie in Washington the following week.

Livingstone is now a full-time Fanatics tours and event organiser.

He has contracts with numerous sporting bodies including Tennis Australia for the Davis Cup, and Cricket Australia to fill bays at one-day international matches.

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Video Interview after first round mtch


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Open-Hewitt's love-match helps ease pressure
2004-01-22 09:08:40 GMT (Reuters)

By Julian Linden

MELBOURNE, Jan 22 (Reuters) - Lleyton Hewitt broke his silence about his pending marriage to Kim Clijsters on Thursday and described the positive effect the relationship has had on their tennis careers.

The Australian was already an established top player when the pair started dating four years ago but it was not long until Clijsters, 20, joined him at the top.

"It's just been great for both of us. She obviously saw what I was going through, the pressures of being a top player maybe a year before she got into the top five in the world," the former world number one said.

"We've both just been really able to help each other when we need to."

While many young players on the tour remain single to keep their focus on tennis, Hewitt and Belgian Clijsters got engaged last month.

Hewitt, 22, popped the question during a harbour cruise in Sydney last month but has been keeping coy about their wedding plans.

Hewitt said he and Clijsters, ranked second in the world, share many interests apart from tennis.

"We don't talk about tennis most of the time. I think we both know when to talk about tennis and when not to," he said.

Bookmakers are offerings odds of 18-1 on a Clijsters-Hewitt double at this year's Australian Open after both moved into the third round on Thursday.

Hewitt beat Slovakia's Karol Kucera 1-6 6-1 6-4 6-1 to remain unbeaten after 10 consecutive singles matches this year while Clijsters whitewashed Italy's Maria Elena Camerin 6-0 6-0.

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Deja-vu as Hewitt reels in Kucera again
Robert Smith (AFP)
Melbourne, January 22

Lleyton Hewitt capitalised on his recent familiarity with the tennis of Karol Kucera to surge back from another rough start and power into the third round of the Australian Open on Thursday.

Hewitt, playing his third match against the streaky Slovakian in as many weeks, got off to a terrible start falling behind 0-5 before rallying to a 1-6, 6-1, 6-4, 6-1 win in two hours 23 minutes.

Last week the Australian former world number one was down 0-4 in the opening set before storming home to win 6-4, 6-1 in the second round of the Sydney International, and that followed a 6-3, 6-7 (10/8), 6-3 win over Kucera in the previous week's Hopman Cup in Perth.

"It's tough. You can't get too down on yourself, keep plugging away, wait for your opportunities," 15th-seed Hewitt said of his early predicament.

"I've played him the last two weeks and I knew a little bit what I was getting, but he played even better in the first set than what he did in the last two weeks."

Hewitt went on to break Kucera's service nine times as the Slovak's game disintegrated in a rash of errors, 14 of them double-faults.

"He was playing extremely well at that stage and I just knew that I had to keep plugging away," he said.

"He returns extremely well and he can also have service games like the last one he had where he hit four double-faults.

"He plays some loose service games and then he'll be able to come out and break you back straight away."

Kucera said Hewitt had been aided by bad line calls.

"Even the linespeople helped him," Kucera said. "I think it was a little bit on purpose."

Kucera said he had asked chair umpire Norm Chryst of the US to intervene after three questionable calls went against him. But he said there were as many as six "mistakes" made by the line judges.

Hewitt now has an intriguing match with 17-year-old Spanish prodigy Rafael Nadal, who knocked out Frenchman Thierry Ascione 6-4, 3-6, 7-5, 6-1.

Nadal is the youngest man through to the third round in the third Grand Slam tournament of his meteoric career.

"Clay is his number one surface but he had a pretty good run at Wimbledon (reached the third round) this year. He played pretty well for his first time on grass," Hewitt said.

"He seems like he's got a really good head on him and he's handled the expectation and the pressures very well."

The year's first Grand Slam tournament has remained an elusive target for Australian players since unseeded Mark Edmondson's victory over John Newcombe in 1976, when the event was staged on grass at Kooyong.

Hewitt appeared the best chance to end that long run of outs when he went into the last two Opens as top seed only to come up short.

The former Wimbledon and US Open champion crashed out to Spaniard Alberto Martin in the first round in 2002 after suffering from chicken pox and then succumbed to Moroccan Younes El Aynaoui in the round of 16 last year.

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