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Re: Lleyton's Press Conference

I really appreciate all the information Ausie puts up about Lleyton.
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Re: Lleyton's Press Conference

Originally Posted by RustyOz View Post
Why are you putting up these old irrelevant interviews and articles?
2006!!! - get a grip.
Here will all of him press conferences, which I could find, including those for the year 2012. Сan be for you this is not important, but for me all of his press conferences, video, photos, it is very important.

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Re: Lleyton's Press Conference

Hewitt =Legend, Daniel.

thanks guys

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Re: Lleyton's Press Conference


March 10, 2006

Lleyton Hewitt


THE MODERATOR: Can we have questions, please.

Q. How do you feel?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Not too bad. Be nicer if the weather was a bit warmer. But, no, it's pretty good.
And yeah, it's one of my favorite tournaments. It's always nice to come back here and get stuck into it; the surface fits my game here. I've always felt very comfortable here. It's nice to come back to a place where you've played well in the past.

Q. How many of these tournaments did you play in California, like San Jose that you played before you came here?

LLEYTON HEWITT: How would you rate them or...

Q. Yeah, yeah, how do you rate your game?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Oh, my game, yeah, I feel like I got better and better, you know, after having three or four weeks off after the Aussie summer. It was a matter of trying to get as many matches under my belt as possible before coming in to these two tournaments, these two Master Series now, so I'm pretty happy to get ten tough matches under my belt and played some good tennis.
In the end, I started playing some better tennis and, yeah, I was pretty happy with how the body felt as well, which is definitely a positive.

Q. Is it harder year by year to prepare each year?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Not always. I guess I'm fortunate that in December and that, I can be in Australia and get acclimatized to conditions, and that's when you can -- you know, it's not a long preseason in getting ready, but, yeah, I can do as much as possible I guess before the Australian summer starts. So I'm definitely fortunate in that way.
But, you know, you want to do enough work in November/December that you can just tough it out throughout the year 'cause you're not getting normally those seven-, eight-week gaps where you can actually do different stuff and work on your fitness and those kind of things. You've got to really last throughout the 11 months.

Q. Lleyton, what's your opinion of the instant replay, how it will affect your game?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I don't know. It's -- probably see how it turns out. I'm not sure whether it will be a huge positive or negative either way. It will be interesting, I think. If it gets the crowd involved a little bit more and stuff like that, it definitely can't hurt.
Yeah, it's going to be different for officials, spectators, and players I think, so it will probably take a little bit of time for everyone to get used to.

Q. Have you played where they've used it?

LLEYTON HEWITT: No, I haven't, no.

Q. Are you concerned that it might disrupt the momentum of a match if someone's calling for them?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, well, there's definitely -- I think you have to have those couple of challenges, there had to be a limit on how many. You know, I think that's a good idea purely because you can't just keep going on every second ball so...
I don't think it should be too bad, you know. I've seen back home in cricket, you know, you have the third umpire for run-outs, stuff like that, yeah, it all happens pretty quickly.

Q. There really is no limit on how many if you keep making successful

LLEYTON HEWITT: If you make successful, yeah.

Q. So you can just go on forever?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, we'll see how good the players are, won't you.

Q. If you're accurate every time?

LLEYTON HEWITT: If you are, yeah, the umpire shouldn't be wrong that many times though, should they?

Q. What is your reaction to people that comment about your playing and going over the top and being an intimidating factor? Is that a component of your play, your energy you put out there or

LLEYTON HEWITT: Just sort of happens naturally, I think, more than anything. You know, just the way I -- you know, I'm very competitive out there in whatever I do and in any situation.
So yeah, I think it's good to have a lot of different personalities out there and I think, you know, Nadal is very similar. We're both at very young ages, very hungry out there and want to succeed and want to get the best out of ourselves. And I think that's one reason why the two of us have been able to do it at such a young age as well.

Q. What changed in you like over the years? I mean, you were as young as Nadal and you were acting similarly as one might say, but what changed through the years? How do you see yourself now comparing to maybe five years ago when you were basically No. 1?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Not a whole heap, I don't think. Yeah, I think, you know, obviously, you're focusing from when you come on as a 16-, 17-year-old every week is like a Grand Slam, and, yeah, after you get to No. 1, you win a Grand Slam then the focuses and the priorities obviously change and Grand Slams and Davis Cup were my highest priorities. And that's what I was focusing on, you know, for three or four -- the last three or four or five years now.
So it's basically you're working your schedule back. For me it's been working back to how I want to play my best tennis at what tournaments. Then I'll play as many tournaments that I feel I need before each of those to prepare as well as possible. But when you come on as a 15-, 16-year-old, you know, as I said everything -- every match is life and death out there as well where I think you see the bigger picture a lot more and looking after your body and trying to have as long a career as possible in this sport as well.

Q. I suppose after last year we ought to be asking how the toe is?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, it's good at the moment. It wasn't too pleasant playing, you know, the final last year the way I was feeling, but, yeah, something had to be done. It was needling me for far too long and, you know, straight after this tournament a year ago I went and had a small surgery. And yeah, it's feeling pretty good.

Q. Lleyton, after last week in Dubai you might consider Roger just that little bit beatable?

LLEYTON HEWITT: When Roger's played in big matches in big tournaments, you know, he hasn't put too many feet wrong. You know, obviously, last week -- I haven't seen a point of the tournament, but he was obviously, you know, in cruise control there for a little bit, 6-1, Love-30, and maybe lost concentration a little bit. And that's where you go back to Nadal's competitiveness out there.
Yeah, he's got a never-say-die attitude. It obviously paid off for him last week. Yeah, whether Roger is a bit more vulnerable, we'll wait and see, but he's still the man to beat.

Q. What's your opinion about (inaudible)?

LLEYTON HEWITT: He's a good player, changes pace extremely well, moves well for a big guy as well, and, yeah, he's got a lot of fire power out there. It will probably take him a little bit of time I think to have consistent, big results, I think. But, you know, he's jumped leaps and bounds in the last year since pretty much whenever I saw him at Queens and Wimbledon, so he's definitely moving in the right direction.

Q. Lleyton, does your agreement to play for Australia and Davis Cup signal a peaceful situation between you and Tennis Australia and consequently on the Australian Open on the courts?

LLEYTON HEWITT: It's always peaceful.

Q. How are you feeling then about the court at the Australian Open in changing the surface, because I understand the TA is talking about it?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Well, I haven't spoken to them.

Q. How excited are you about the Davis Cup now that you've missed one?

LLEYTON HEWITT: It's good, yeah. The boys did extremely well over there, so, yeah, they've given us a good opportunity to get through to a semi again and you never know. If you get in the last four at the end of the year with home and away ties, you just never know how it's going to pan out. So, you know, I look forward to the opportunity, but Belarus isn't going to be easy whatsoever. They'll be some tough players and I think Myrni plays some of his best tennis in Davis Cup situations, so it's not going to be an easy tie for us.
But, you know, I always love playing Davis Cup and look forward to the challenge yet again.

Q. Mark just said he's not available, 99 percent not available. Does that surprise you?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, but Mark's got to get -- you know, he's got to get more matches under his belt right at the moment. He's obviously had a sniggling back injury the last couple of weeks after playing a good match against Robredo in San Jose and, you know, I know he wasn't feeling great out there today on the court either.
So, you know, I just think Mark's got to hopefully get some matches over the next few months and obviously just this Davis Cup tie come up after the first round pretty quickly, and if we can get through this one and Mark gets some good matches, especially on the grass, you never know. Maybe he'll be a contender for the semi finals in September.

Q. What do you reckon between Guccione and Luczak, say, based on what you saw in Geneva or heard about it?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I don't know. It's totally different -- totally different match now as well. Different surface, different opponents. Either one of them, I'd feel confident with, but I've hit a lot of balls with both of them at different stages, and I think it's going to just depend on the week a little bit, who's hitting the ball where at the time. And Fitzy will make that call closer to the time.

Q. You sound sort of like warm about instant replace. Would you do it differently than the way they've set it up or

LLEYTON HEWITT: I'm not sure. You know, I haven't watched it close enough to tell whether, you know, it's going to be a major success or not. Yeah, only time will tell.

Q. Something in the sport you'd like to see happen, something in the sport?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Not off the top of my head right now. I think the game in itself is a lot of tradition, about, you know, the way we play the game, and, you know, the system and the scoring and all different things. And I think, you know, especially singles, I'd like to see it stay pretty much the same.

Q. Apart from the lack of sleep, how has fatherhood changed your game?

LLEYTON HEWITT: It hasn't changed my game too much. It hasn't changed my game. Lack of sleep, I'm doing all right I think we got pretty lucky.

Q. Something about the Australian Open, it was a little tough, lack of sleep?

LLEYTON HEWITT: No never lack of sleep, no. I'm doing all right on the sleep front.

Q. How many diapers do you change?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I've changed a fair few.

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Re: Lleyton's Press Conference


March 13, 2006, 2nd Round

Lleyton Hewitt - Rainer Schuettler 7-6(3) 2-6 6-4


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Lleyton.

Q. Schuettler seemed to give you all you could handle today.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, we've had tough matches in the past. Haven't played him for a couple of years. You know, I played him more when he was in the top 10, top 20 in the world.
He's a tough player, especially on this kind of surface, I think. Suits his game well. Yeah, he's extremely quick around the court. He moves really well. I just had to hang out there, you know, try and grind him down, I guess.
It was hard to hit winners out there for both of us. Just felt slow conditions out there, really heavy. The balls were fluffing up a lot, you know, after a couple games. When the balls were getting older and older, it just felt like it was hard to crack an egg out there.
New balls made a huge difference every time. You're using new balls. But it was tough to dictate play and I think both players were feeling that today.

Q. What do you think got you through?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I don't know. I played the bigger points well, but I really should have, you know, still got through in straight sets. So many chances early in the second set and just didn't take them. Just played the wrong shot at the wrong time.
Love-30, had a second serve. I went for an off backhand winner. Just small things that normally I wouldn't do, it gave him an opportunity to get into the match. Both of us, it wasn't like we were holding our serve convincingly out there. We were always having chances against each other. Yeah, he got his confidence up in the end of the second set.

Q. Are these courts slower than last year?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I don't know if it's the court. I think it's more the balls to me. The balls just felt really heavy out there. The courts, whether they're a little bit rougher or not, which is cutting the balls up a little bit more, I'm not sure.

Q. What is your definition of a rivalry? Do Federer and Nadal have one yet?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Well, I'm not sure. I guess they've probably still got, you know, maybe a little bit longer to go before they have a rivalry, you know, such as whether it was McEnroe/Borg, McEnroe/Connors, Sampras/Agassi, you know, these kind of guys. Yeah, purely because Rafael has only been on the tour for a couple of years. But if he keeps going the way he's going, and obviously Roger continues his form that he's had the last three or four years, yeah, there's a good chance.
But you never know. You know, there's a handful of us I guess just behind at the moment. If you keep knocking on the door, if there's a group of five guys, is that a rivalry? I don't know.

Q. You're saying they haven't played enough for it to be a rivalry?

LLEYTON HEWITT: No, not right at the moment, I wouldn't say.

Q. Haven't played enough big matches?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, not quite. You can't quite put them in the same bracket as a Sampras and Agassi rivalry. You know, played, I don't know, over 40 or so times, I guess. It's hard to say that just yet. They're obviously No. 1 and 2. It was only probably a year and a half ago everybody was trying to talk a Federer/Roddick rivalry. Where has Andy gone? Has he disappeared? I don't know.
I think it's hard to say. They're the only two guys out there at the moment. Andy is still No. 3 in the world. Nalbandian. There's a lot of guys out there. But if they keep going obviously the way they're going, maybe it will turn into that.

Q. Andy seems to be a distant third in that rivalry.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I guess a little bit. In terms of ranking, maybe. I don't know. You know, I know Andy struggled the last couple weeks, the last couple months maybe.
But, still, on grass, yeah, at the US Open I think Andy, that's when he probably plays his best tennis. So, you know, I'd look for Queen's through to the US Open, he's probably going to have a pretty good stint.
Nadal, yeah, he's going to be -- we all know on clay he's going to be extremely tough every tournament. On grass at Wimbledon, I don't know if it's quite a rivalry against Rog just yet on grass (smiling).

Q. Andy said he got obsessed with beating Roger and made adjustments to his game for that purpose. Have you ever thought of that, making adjustments just to beat Roger?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, a little bit sometimes, only because you know nine times out of 10, to win one of the big tournaments these days, you've got to beat Rog at the business end of the tournament.
Obviously, you know, I played him a hell of a lot at some semifinals and finals of Grand Slams there the last couple of years. You know, it would be dumb not to go through your mind about what you may have to do to beat this guy. So there's small areas.
But then again, you don't want to get too caught up in the fact that to get a crack at Roger, normally you have to win five or six matches to make the semis or finals. You're obviously doing something pretty right to keep putting yourself in position. Roger plays a pretty different game to everyone out there, an all-court style of game. Sort of a tough one.
I understand what Andy is saying, though, because Andy is obviously doing something right to make Wimbledon finals the last couple of years. But, you know, he wants to go that step further, and Rog is probably going to be there. I understand what he's saying, but you got to try to make yourself a better player no matter who's at the other end.

Q. Did you feel in control of that match the whole way today or were you concerned at any point?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I felt in control. I mean, you know, I felt like I had a lot of Love-30 games, even when I lost the second set. I felt like I just gave him a little bit of the momentum there halfway through the second set. Before that, I felt like I was having all those half chances and wasn't able to take them.
I thought it was a matter of time before I'd get the break. But the game I ended up breaking in the third set, he was 40-Love up on his serve and I got back. You know, it was hard to hold serve out there today.

Q. Agassi plays Haas tonight. Who would you say is favored to win that one?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I don't know. Andre obviously hasn't played a lot of tennis since the US Open. Tommy Haas played a lot. He's won two tournaments, played extremely well in the Australian summer. I'm not sure. I know they've had some tough matches on hard courts the last three or four years. Both great ball-strikers. Could go either way.

Q. What does the wind today like this tell you about your game?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Not a lot today (smiling). I get through to have another crack and try to improve tomorrow. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I feel like I can go out there.
I got through today's match, but it wasn't the prettiest tennis. Hopefully I can pick up on it tomorrow. I'll need to.

Q. What do you make of the sort of Borg auctioning off his trophy issues? Andy and Jimmy Connors said Wimbledon should buy the trophies, put them in a museum. Andre said maybe people should get together to buy them. What are your views?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I hadn't really thought about it. When I heard about it, it was pretty disappointing purely because, you know, the guy did so much for tennis, and for that tournament in particular.
But when I heard about Jimmy Connors' thoughts, I thought that was a bloody good idea. I think if Borg can't have them, then I think it would be fantastic for the Wimbledon tournament to have it in their museum. I think that's the next best thing. Whether one day he'd be able to get them back from Wimbledon, then I think that's the right decision to do.
You know, it's hard for Wimbledon to come out, you wouldn't expect this kind of thing to happen either. Yeah, it's a different situation. But, you know, if there's some way that it could happen, that it could stay in the museum at Wimbledon, I think it would be great.

Q. Would you get on board and be part of the group to buy the trophies?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I don't know, I haven't even thought about it. Thanks for that. I hadn't even thought about it (smiling). I might take one and put it next to mine (laughter).
No, I don't know. Yeah, I guess it's something you'd think about. I'm not quite sure what Bjorn's situation is, how long it could take to get him back. It would be nice to see Wimbledon step in and try to do something.

Q. Where do you keep your trophy?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Mine is in Adelaide.

Q. In your home?
LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, in my house.

Q. How often do you look at it?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I guess a few times. Not all the time.

Q. When you're serving drinks?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Oh, it's not quite along the bar. A few boys would want to drink out of it (smiling).

Q. I know you've said in the past about the No. 1 ranking, it's a case of been there, done that, it's not the be all, end all for you. Generally speaking about the ranking, you don't want to be around No. 10 in the world obviously. Where do you really want to be suitably positioned? I know you have a lot of tournaments coming up where you're only going to be picking up points because of last year.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Ranking-wise, it doesn't really bother me. Obviously, you know, I don't really want to be sitting outside the top 10. But then again, I haven't played -- I only completed maybe seven or eight tournaments last year. You can't expect a whole heap.
But then again, yeah, it's always nice to be in that top four or five group. You've got to make semis or better of slams to be up there. That's what I look forward to. The clay court season I didn't play last year, and then Queen's I feel like I can do better there this year, as well. There are a lot of opportunities to pick up points for me.
But for me it's more about preparing as best as possible for the French, but probably more so Wimbledon and the US Open.

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Re: Lleyton's Press Conference


March 14, 2006, 3rd Round

Lleyton Hewitt - Tomas Berdych 5-7 3-6


THE MODERATOR: First question for Lleyton.

Q. What went not quite right for you in that match?

LLEYTON HEWITT: He played extremely well. He was swinging out there. Yeah, he hit a lot of great shots, off both sides as well. It was very hard to get him behind the baseline on the court.
Yeah, I had a lot of chances in the first set. I was up an early break, had 15-40 a couple of times, Love-30, and didn't take those. When he got confident the end of the first, it got tougher.

Q. Do you think not being able to capitalize on those opportunities is more because of the way he was playing?
LLEYTON HEWITT: You know, a couple of points, I couldn't do much about. 15-40, he hit two huge serves to get out of that game. Yeah, it was another chance I had. I got into a rally. I was on the back foot, but I shanked the forehand passing shot. If I could have made him play, maybe I would have been up the break and serving for the first set.
Against the better players, you've got to take those half chances out there.

Q. Do you think that at any stage, he was playing very well, but that he just started to go off the board, maybe go away a little bit, especially the way you broke back in the second set?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah. You know, I needed it a little bit earlier, though. Yeah, early on he made a couple of errors. I got the break early in the first set. But then there was a patch through the first set, halfway through the first set, where he hardly missed a ball. He was serving big out there. I just felt like I couldn't dictate play.
He's got a lot of firepower and he moves extremely well for a big guy, as well. I came in on him a couple of times. He hit some great passing shots as well.
I didn't serve as well as I needed to. That's something that I've got to try and work on, get the percentages up there and get the cheap points. That's when I play my best tennis.

Q. Where does this put you vis-a-vis Miami, your preparation, where do you stand?

LLEYTON HEWITT: There's a couple of areas I want to work on, get more confident with. That's just a matter of doing it in practice. But you still got to go out and execute it next week in Miami.
There's no doubt I would have liked to have done better here. It wasn't to be. Got to try and draw on some positives and work on the negatives out there.

Q. Your thoughts on Guccione, based on what you heard of him, for Davis Cup? Do you think he could step in, things like that?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, well, obviously he stepped up in the Davis Cup tie. That's a huge moment for him. I think from what I've seen, he's handled the Davis Cup tie situation pretty well. He's a good guy that we've been able to hopefully blood into that next group coming through. He's still got to get on the main tour week in and week out. That's obviously the next step and the next goal for him.

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Re: Lleyton's Press Conference


March 25, 2006, 2nd Round

Lleyton Hewitt - Tim Henman 6-7(5) 3-6


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously, a pretty tough opening round match. I mean, Tim had a tough one with Marat.


Q. I mean, is that your take on this? You can beat Tim in the quarters usually.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, well, that's what happens when guys like Tim and Marat, their rankings drop a bit.
But in these tournaments these days there are very few, you know, easy matches, especially when the top guys have byes as well. The guys that come through that first match are obviously doing something pretty well to beat, you know, other reasonable players in the first round.
So, you know, even though Tim was -- is definitely one of the tougher nonseeded players -- everyone in the draw, there's no easy matches these days out here.

Q. He's had one match to adjust to the court, stadium, the wind, whereas you're coming in kind of cold.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, sometimes that's a positive or a negative, depends on how many matches I guess you've played coming in and how you feel your rhythm is.
But obviously, Tim beating Marat the other night, that gives him a lot of confidence, beating a guy, you know, who's one of the best ball-strikers out there.

Q. You've owned him in the past. I mean, he said it the other day, "Hey, 0-8, 0-9, not much difference." He says when he comes in to take the net, you love that. Was there anything different today in his attack versus you?

LLEYTON HEWITT: A little bit. You know, he served well up one end, it was a lot tougher than the other end to play from. It was, you know, a bit swirly out there, but one end you're definitely into the breeze most of the time.
Yeah, he definitely hit up the lines well today, you know, from the back of the court. Usually he sprays a few more of those. You know, when he comes to the net, normally he volleys well anyway, you know, doesn't matter who's passing him. But, you know, he volleyed exceptionally well today.
But, you know, I still, you know, was always down that first set but I kept hanging in there, hanging in there. You know, I was nearly able to turn it around and actually played a good point at 6-5 when I lost the set point. He came up with a hell of a pass on that point.
So, you know, to that point you've got to say too good. But 5-4, I was in two points and didn't quite take the chances then in the tiebreak.

Q. He looked like he didn't want it the first set. Kept lots of set points. On the set point, he had his usual volley and was missing it. At that point did you feel like you are Pennsylvania going to turn this around? Did you ever feel like...

LLEYTON HEWITT: He was serving up the tougher end. That was the end that I'd broken him. I ended up breaking him three times in the first set from that end. I knew I had a fighting chance to hang in there.
You know, still, with that particular game, he hit a lot of first serves in the deuce court so it was very hard to do anything. You know, he wasn't making a lot of first serves on those set points, though, and that was giving me a small opportunity.

Q. How did you feel about your game overall?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I feel like I didn't hit the ball great out there today. You know, conditions aren't easy, though. You definitely got to play percentage tennis. The ball is swirling around out there. I thought Tim used the wind to his advantage a lot better than I did today.

Q. Did you find it hard to get yourself up and at him today? It didn't quite seem as it was the "old Lleyton," you didn't seem as fired up, in different circumstances when the big points were there, we expected you to be more juiced?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I don't know about that. In the first set I was always hanging in there, trying to scramble and trying to make something out of nothing in a lot of ways.
You know, and then I let him off early in the, you know, second set. He held serve comfortably up the tougher end where he'd struggled all first set, then he pounces on me the second game in the second set and there's the break for the rest of the match.
So, you know, he took his chances a lot better than I did out there today, and tiebreak-wise, as I said, when I got to 5-4, I had to try and dictate play even though I was up the tougher end. I had to try and dictate play a little bit more, but he took the initiative first.

Q. Is your wife and baby traveling with you?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, they're here.

Q. Now do you make a holiday out of this or you go right back?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I'm not sure just yet, yeah.

Q. When he -- obviously, it's a big one for him, just to finally, you know, put you away as it were.


Q. In the second set, when it was getting a little tight perhaps, did you think, "Well, he must be nervous, because he's never beaten me"?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, little bit. I think his last few matches, though he's played a lot looser than he's normally played in the past. Whether that's getting older age or not. He's not quite -- he's playing more like, you know, in practice he's always been a great player where he's very flashy and, you know, doesn't take it all seriously the whole time. Whereas I think he's adopted that a little more in his matches. It may pay off a little bit more for him.

Q. He also said at practice last week in Indian Wells, he suddenly felt he's got a tactic and style there that perhaps he could beat you in a match situation.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I don't know. He's done that a lot of times in practice and it hasn't worked on the match court.
I don't think that was a huge -- I wasn't expecting too much different to what he did. He just executed a lot better than I did today.

Q. How about you? How are you feeling about it's a tough one to take, of course.

LLEYTON HEWITT: You never like to lose. It's disappointing because in practice I feel like I've been hitting the ball great over the last week or so. That's probably more frustrating than anything, purely because it was a fairly long layoff if you lose reasonably early in Indian Wells before coming here. I felt like I put in the hard yards and was hitting the ball really well in practice. I was actually really happy with where my game was at. That's probably the most disappointing aspect.

Q. Did you consider using the challenges at all in the match?

LLEYTON HEWITT: No, there was really no -- I didn't see any, you know, clear problems or, you know, questionable calls out there on my side.

Q. Do you like the opportunity to be able to do that?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I don't know. I think you can get taken advantage of a little bit.

Q. How so?

LLEYTON HEWITT: You know, I think, especially at the end of a set, you know, the crowd obviously want it sometimes. I think that entices the player to go for it even if they truly believe they're going to be on the wrong end of it.
So maybe it gets a little bit Mickey Mouse out there.

Q. You like the audio a little bit more, that's your style, to get fired up. Does that take away the friction between the chair umpire because they have the button to hit?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Not really. I think the chair umpires are going to rely on it a lot more, though. The problem is I don't think they're going to overrule anything now. And, you know, as a player, it is hard, if it's up the other end, on the baseline or close, it's very hard. And a compare umpire can clearly see it's overruled, then he's got to overruled. I don't believe they probably will now. I think they'll take the safer option and I don't think that's the way to go.

Q. I'm doing a story on surfaces. Do you feel over the years, last five, six years, that there's been kind of a not "conspiracy theory," but all the hard courts are getting a little bit slower to play on? Have you felt that has happened?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I think so, whether it's the balls as well as the playing surface. The balls are definitely fluffing up more than others the last two and a half, three years, but the player surface is a little bit rougher. The US Open in particular has always been very smooth, is still probably the smoothest hard court surface out of any of them in North America but it's still a little bit rougher than it used to be five or six years ago.

Q. Who do you feel that's affecting more? You're a guy that likes long rallies.
A guy like Tim likes to come in. Is it affecting a certain player?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Not really. I think it's probably suiting the clay court players a little bit more purely because heavy balls, you're so used to playing that on clay. When the clay gets in the ball, it's similar to hitting that, which is a lot bigger, you can take probably a lot bigger cut at the ball which a lot of those clay court players enjoy doing, too.

Q. When you come into a tournament, do you know in advance what balls they're going to use? Do you have to adjust?

LLEYTON HEWITT: No, well the balls, Masters Series are always the same. Grand Slams are most of the time, you know, you know who their sponsor is and what ball you're going to be playing with. Normally that doesn't change too often in the Grand Slams. The smaller tournaments, whoever I think, you know, whichever way they do or whoever chooses to sponsor their tournaments.

Q. What do you prefer, any ball?

LLEYTON HEWITT: No, I think all the ball companies have good balls. There's other ones that are slightly larger ones as well that fluff up a little bit more.

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Re: Lleyton's Press Conference


June 14, 2006, 2nd Round

Lleyton Hewitt - Fernando Vicente 4-6 6-4 6-2


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Is that one of those tricky first-round matches on grass?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, it's always first match on grass is a totally you want to go out there and execute and hit the ball great right from the start. And, you know, suddenly you find yourself in a bit of a dog fight, in an awkward match out there.
You know, every year I think the first match is always one of the toughest on this surface, and changing. I've normally been able to translate from clay to grass as well as anyone, but it's never easy.

Q. Here the Brits have said the grass is different this year. Balls aren't coming through the same. I mean, the weather.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, uhm, it's slower than a fair few years ago, I think, when I first started playing the English season, but it's no different I don't think to the last four or five years that I've been playing here. You know, the balls are a lot bigger, I think, since 2001, 2002 probably. You know, always I remember last year, you know, coming here, my first couple of matches, it was pretty slow conditions as well. You know, I played Malisse I think in the first round, then I played Mirnyi, two totally different players last year, but the conditions were very similar in the first couple of matches.

Q. Mark was in here a little while ago saying that he'd received an e-mail from Wimbledon saying he wouldn't be getting a wildcard. Any thoughts on that at all given the way he's played here today and his past record over there?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, well, I haven't really spoken to Mark a whole heap, you know, since we've been here. But, yeah, if he's not getting a wildcard, that's disappointing to him, for him, obviously. Then again, though, if it's the Australian Open, what would we do?
So, you know, you can't, I guess -- he got one last year and, you know, you probably have to look on the side that it's a good opportunity for him to -- he's obviously beaten a couple of good players today, back-to-back wins. So if he can do that in qualifying, then he should be a shoo-in.

Q. Lleyton, you were just saying about getting a first match on grass under your belt. How do you think you feel? I mean, what's the next step up for you? What do you have to adjust? Is it just really more footwork?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, well, it's just footwork, rhythm, shot selection, and then you got to execute it right. And, you know, I think a lot of that has just got to do with hitting balls on the surface and feeling confident within yourself.
And, you know, tomorrow against Mirnyi it's gonna be another example, but a totally different match to what I played out there today. And, yeah, it's a good opportunity for me to step it up another gear. I'm gonna have to against him on this surface. And, you know, hopefully I can get through that one.

Q. What are the positives you took out of today?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I got better and better as the match went on, which was a huge positive. Yeah, it's never easy out there, you know. Obviously, he's not a grass court player, but he's obviously done something right. He's got a match under his belt. And he was sort of tricky out there for a lot of the time. You know, it was important to get back straight on him early in the second set, and I was able to do that. And the same in the third set. You know, once I got up that double break, then pretty much I knew I was home.

Q. Besides a certain bloke from Switzerland, a lot of people say that Wimbledon this year is wide open.

LLEYTON HEWITT: (Laughing). Well, how is it wide open?

Q. Well, who's going to get there with him. Who, besides you - obviously your record is good on grass - who else do you think are the guys that can contend to get to the final?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Well, it's hard to say. Obviously, Roddick's got a -- you know, making the last two finals and a semifinal and losing all three to Roger, he's got to be up there on the surface.
Henman, you know, who knows with the draw? If things pan out, he's won and he gets a seed early, a clay court player or something like that, and it opens up for him, then he's got a chance.
Nalbandian, obviously he can play on all surfaces and made the final there.
You know, James Blake's probably another one that has an outside shot.
I'm trying to think.

Q. Ljubicic?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, he's a little bit unproven on grass just yet. He's got a game that should suit it well, but I don't know if I'd put him in that category just under Roger just yet. You know, and in Grand Slams, apart from the French Open, you know, Ljubicic is, you know, a bit of a question mark over Grand Slams just yet.

Q. Tim is down to 75 in the world this week.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Well, he's obviously a lot better player than that. I don't think anyone, you know, rates him where his ranking is at the moment, and especially on this surface.
Who knows? Yeah, maybe this is a better year for him coming in as, you know, not seeded and in a different situation.

Q. Would he be the one, you talk about a dangerous floater, would he be the one that the big guys will want to avoid in that draw when it comes out?

LLEYTON HEWITT: He would have to be one of them. There's probably a handful of guys. Safin, 90 in the world. Karlovic is dangerous. There's probably a handful of guys, and Tim's probably at the top of that list.

Q. Have you picked up a cold, or is it hayfever?

LLEYTON HEWITT: No, I've got a little bit of a cold, just getting over it.

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Re: Lleyton's Press Conference


June 15, 2006, 3rd Round

Lleyton Hewitt - Max Mirnyi 4-6 6-1 7-6(4)


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Seemed to take your chances today, with a breakpoint conversion.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Uhm, yeah. It was -- you know, it's always a tough match against Max. Every time I played him, we've had battles. And, you know, you don't get that many opportunities against a guy like him so if you get that second serve on breakpoint or that slight opening, you really have to take it.
You know, that said, I still was up a break twice in the final set and wasn't able to convert that break. You know, he played well, though, in those games.
But, you know, it's nice to come through a tight match against a good grass court player.

Q. In terms of rankings and seedings formula for Wimbledon, do you have any idea of where you expect to be?

LLEYTON HEWITT: No, no idea. I wouldn't have a clue. I don't know how many points I'm behind. I think where I would be anyway would not be a huge, huge difference anyway if, you know, if you don't get in the top four anyway. Between 5 to 12 I think is very similar anyway.
So, yeah, it' just no big deal.

Q. You could play Nadal in the last eight. Of course it's a completely different proposition on grass to how it was a few weeks ago in Paris for you.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, it is, but he's a class player. I've played a lot of -- we played Spain in the Davis Cup final, and I played against Ferrero and beat him in a five-set marathon. You know, even though grass isn't their favorite and best surface, these guys are class players and are able to play well. For him to beat Mardy Fish in straight sets yesterday, you know, I rate Mardy pretty highly on a grass court and, you know, he took care of it quite comfortably.
So, yeah, he's gonna be a tough match. You know, it would be a totally different match to Max Mirnyi today.

Q. You said yesterday it was difficult being the first game on grass of the season. Did you feel more comfortable out there today?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I felt a lot comfortable -- a lot more comfortable out there, even more and more as the match went on. You know, throughout the second and third sets, I felt like my ball striking was great out there. You know, it's a matter of keep that going.
Obviously, you know, Max is a different kind of opponent. He doesn't give you a lot of pace out there from the back of the court, but obviously when he's net rushing and that, you've got to hit pinpoint accuracy from the groundies to pass him. I was able to do that on some big points today.

Q. Fantastic dropshots in there as well, your dropshots especially.

LLEYTON HEWITT: I don't know about a dropshot specialist, no. I throw them in now and then, but more as a mix-up.

Q. How do you feel now compared to the same time last year?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I feel pretty good. I lost in the quarters last year here to Karlovic which, you know, I didn't really do too much wrong that day. Just a bit of a shoot-out with him.
So, obviously, you know, that was a good win to have under my belt today. I felt like I'm getting better and better. But Wimbledon is a week and a half away, so it's a matter of trying to get as many matches here as possible and do the hard yards in practice next week.

Q. Can you take anything away from the previous four matches against Nadal, bearing in mind that they're all on a different surface to what you're playing here.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, not really. If we play on grass, it's probably totally different, especially to two weeks ago. You know, it's probably more so closer to the hard court meetings I think that we've had in the past.

Q. You've got family on tour with you. How important is that?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, it's great. Yeah, it's obviously just nice to be able to put your feet up and relax when you get back home after playing a tough match or whatever. And, you know, tennis isn't sort of the focus when you get home, I guess.

Q. How is the routine when you are here then. Is there a set bed time in London?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Not really. No big deal.

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Re: Lleyton's Press Conference


June 16, 2006, QF

Lleyton Hewitt - Rafael Nadal 3-6 6-3 Ret.


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Lleyton, please.

Q. How did you feel you were going in that game?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I felt like I was getting better as the match was going on, obviously. I felt like I came out at the start and, you know, felt like I was the better player out there, but it wasn't really showing on the scoreboard. Felt like I had a lot of chances and wasn't able to take them.
You know, that's tennis when you're playing against the best guys. Against Mirnyi yesterday, I had five breakpoints and broke, you know, all five times. Then today I couldn't buy one.
And, you know, to his credit, though, he played some big points on those breakpoints, and, you know, I sort of had to put my head down and work hard at the start of the second set.

Q. I think there were 14 breakpoints in all. You took two

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah. Yeah, well, that sort of says it all. As I said, there's no real solution that much to it. Yesterday I couldn't put a foot wrong on the breakpoints, and today I couldn't buy one.
So, you know, against the better players, though, especially on this surface as well, that's when you want to step off and take those chances. You know, against Tim tomorrow, you know, you have to take them when you get them.

Q. Apart from that, are you quite pleased with the way you're playing on grass?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I felt like my ball-striking out there was pretty good today. It's not easy to try and dictate play against a guy that has a swing at everything. Sometimes you even feel like you've got good depth out there, and he's still able to put an extremely big hit on it.
You have to try and think. I stood up in the court. I felt like I tried to dictate play when I had the chances. You know, all in all, I served pretty well. You know, the game that I lost in the first set, I just didn't quite make enough first serves. Apart from that, you know, I felt like I was serving reasonably well.

Q. What did he say to you when he shook your hand?

LLEYTON HEWITT: He just said he had a bit of soreness in his shoulder. I said, I guess you get that after winning so many matches (smiling).

Q. Is it more difficult these days on the grass? Do you sense that it is, the conditions are slightly tougher? He mentioned heavy balls. He didn't expect it to be even tougher than the clay, the balls on the clay.


Q. Is it harder here?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I think the balls have been quite heavy for quite a few years now, though. The courts quicken up as obviously -- you know, I felt like the court was a lot quicker today than my first match against Vicente. And then at Wimbledon it starts reasonably slow, the courts. You've got to protect them as much as possible, though, so they last the two weeks as well.
Yeah, I don't know. I think a lot more baseline players, though, are, you know, getting more and more confident on it and probably moving a lot better on it than they had in the past, I think. That's probably the biggest difference.
And then, you know, a few years ago a guy like Nadal wouldn't have really had a lot of confidence on grass, a guy like Moya, Ferrero, these kind of guys. But I played them in Davis Cup, and all those guys, you know, they're class players. A bit of self-belief out there, and they can come up with the goods.

Q. You played some bloody good matches in Paris, so you came here feeling pretty good about yourself. Is this the continuation? Have you felt your confidence level just rising nicely as match by match has gone by?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I feel like I've got better and better with every match so far. My first match I felt was a little scratchy, especially at the start against Vicente. It's just that small adjustment, though. You can't expect miracles in your first grass court match, I think. I was able to get through that one. I felt like I hit the ball extremely clean against Max yesterday, and today was a totally different match.
In that respect, holds me in good stead for Wimbledon, if I play a guy like Max Mirnyi and a guy like Nadal as well, two of the biggest extremes, I guess. Obviously, playing Tim tomorrow is going to be a different match as well to both those.
It's a lot of good matches going into Wimbledon.

Q. How much do you enjoy playing at this championship?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I love coming to this tournament. Yeah, it's always nice coming back to places that you've had success at in the past. You know, I've had some big wins against top players here, so, you know, I always look forward to this month in London. And, you know, this and Wimbledon are probably two of my favorite tournaments.

Q. You've got a great record against Tim. He's been saying he's rediscovered new form on grass this week. Have you seen any of it, and what do you make of the matchup again in the semis here?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I lost to him in Miami earlier this year. You know, I think he's been playing reasonably well this whole year really. His results probably haven't, you know, stood out that he's been playing fantastic tennis, but I think, you know, all in all I haven't seen him play too many really average matches. This week I've only seen points here and there, I haven't seen enough. But, you know, he's coming in this year in a different situation than he probably ever has before, you know, under the radar a little bit, and maybe that holds him in good stead.

Q. You don't seem to mind dropping a first set every now and then.


Q. Is that because you get extra practice playing three sets?

LLEYTON HEWITT: No. Maybe my first match, but not the next couple. I prefer to get off to a better start. As I said, today, I was trying to get off to a good start and I did everything that, you know, I wanted to do out there in the first few games and couldn't break serve.
So, you know, it would be nice to win the first set tomorrow, but if it doesn't, I won't press the panic button.

Q. You're a three-time winner here; so is Andy Roddick. Assuming you are able to get past Tim Henman, would you like a showdown against him in the final?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I don't know about "showdown." Whether it's Blake or González or obviously the other guys in there, I think it leaves a pretty good field for the tournament, you know. It's gonna be two good semifinals no matter who gets through, Andy or Fernando. And James is obviously, you know, having the year of his life right at the moment.
So, yeah, no, I don't think anyone's ever won here four times, so it would definitely be good to put myself in a position to do that. But, you know, whoever -- if I can get through Tim, then whoever is in the final is not going to be an easy matchup.

Q. You talk about Tim being under the radar. Do you think you're under the radar as well a little bit?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, maybe a little bit.

Q. People are talking about a lot of other players, apart from someone who's actually won here and won Wimbledon.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I guess a lot of people in the last six months or so have just been talking about two players in tennis.
I know Wimbledon's a totally different situation and Roger is going to be the clear-cut favorite. But as I've said right along, there's probably a handful of guys just below him that have a real crack at it, and I'd like to think that I'm in that group.

Q. We're doing a little documentary on Andy Murray. Could I get your thoughts on his rise through the rankings over the past year.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, it's obviously this is where he sort of made his breakthrough last year, I guess. You know, I think he settled on to the tour pretty well. It's never easy in your first year. You know, he won a title at my expense, which was fantastic for him.
Yeah, it's obviously a big thing, though, to win your first title, I think, to get that breakthrough. You know, I guess the next year or so is a bit of a settling-in phase for him and trying to make that next step now - not just be a regular player on the tour week in, week out, to be a dominant player. It's just going to get tougher and tougher, I guess.

Q. Is getting the right coach key to making that step up?

LLEYTON HEWITT: It definitely can't hurt. It can only be a positive. Then again, you know, I think you definitely need someone that you mix extremely well with and get along with as well. You know, only he'll know the right person, I guess.

Q. Do you mind telling me what you like about his game in particular, and how high you think he can go in the rankings.

LLEYTON HEWITT: He moves extremely well for a big kid. He cuts off angles well. You know, he can change pace as well as anyone out there, you know. He rallies a lot of balls, but he can pull the trigger when he wants to and does it extremely well.
So they're, I think, his biggest strengths.

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Re: Lleyton's Press Conference


June 17, 2006, SF

Lleyton Hewitt - Tim Henman 6-3 3-6 6-2


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Lleyton, please.

Q. What is your view on the line call that everyone's talking about?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Uhm, you know, from where I was sitting, it was obviously pretty close. I thought it was as much out as in. You know, whether it was in or out, I got no idea a hundred percent.
Obviously, there's always rough line calls. I think grass is probably one of the tougher surfaces to call lines on because some balls are just shooting through that quickly. You know, I felt like there was, you know, a number of line calls today that probably didn't go in my favor either. I guess it just depends during what situation; otherwise, they don't get spoken about.

Q. How do you feel you played in the third set coming from a break down?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, not too bad. I felt like I started returning better again. I felt like I won the first set playing pretty good tennis out there. And at the start of the second I had chances to break early and go up a set and a break, and he served well on the big points out there today. And, you know, his serve didn't really go off until a bit later during the third set where I started getting some opportunities on his second serve to put a bit of pressure on him. Up till then, you know, he was hitting his first serve well, and I couldn't try and dictate too much on the return of serve, and he was always the one getting that first hit in.

Q. How distracting is it for you, or how easy is it for you, to maintain your concentration when there's bad line calls and referees being called and all that stuff going on?

LLEYTON HEWITT: It's not easy. It's not easy for anyone, but it's something you got to try and block it out as much as possible. As I said before, there were times during the match where I felt like some calls didn't quite go my way or the way I saw it anyway. That's happened in, you know, most of my matches over the last couple of days, but you got to try and block it out.
As I said, I think grass, it's probably the toughest surface for the umpires to get it right a hundred percent of the time, you know, especially on service lines and that because the ball is coming through so fast on so many of them.
You know, sometimes, you know, whether you see chalk or you see dust fly up, they're two different things. I think sometimes they rely a little bit too much, if you see a puff of something come up, they assume it's chalk. Quite often, it's a bit of dust behind the baseline or whatever.
So, you know, I think it's tough for everyone. I felt like I handled the situation pretty well, though, today.

Q. Where do you stand on HawkEye or the use of electronic line calling?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I don't know. I've never -- it hasn't been something that I think I've been ready to sort of say, Yeah, let's do it all the time. I guess I've been a bit skeptical, you know, as soon as it was announced. I know Federer (indiscernible), a few guys weren't the biggest fans right off. From just my experience in Miami, it felt a little bit Mickey Mouse a couple of times.
I think a lot of players, you sort of exploit it at different times sometimes in matches. You know, I know if it's gonna bring the crowds and, you know, viewing into it more, then that's a positive. But I don't think we should lose what we've got in the game, I guess, and not try and turn it into a sideshow too much.

Q. That high ball that you had in the second set then it dropped to just your side of the net, couldn't quite put it away, then you lost your serve, was it that offputting, that particular shot? The crowd suddenly cheers.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I wasn't -- well, I didn't lose my serve because of that point. I went down Love-15 and then Tim hit a great point the next point and that put me Love-30. I still got back to 30-All that game, but there was very little I could do about it. I was gonna have an easy volley there, you know, for a second, and then all of a sudden it's clipped the tape and sort of come on to me, you know, pretty quick there.
But it wasn't something that, you know, I didn't feel like I focused or dwelled on it too long out there. You know, I didn't really worry about the next -- the following game. I had breakpoint to break back and wasn't able to take it. It wasn't something that played in my mind too much.

Q. How do you see Tim's game a week before Wimbledon? How dangerous might he be as an unseeded player?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I think his game's pretty good when he puts it all together. Stays confident out there and plays loosely, I guess, you know. Goes for his shots a bit more.
Today I felt like he served extremely well. From the parts that I saw against Tursunov, I don't think he played quite as well as he probably did today in most of it. Seemed like he was giving Tursunov a lot more second serves and chances to hit out there. A guy like Tursunov is going to take those opportunities. Had set point in the second set.
He's going to be definitely one of the most dangerous unseeded players, along with Safin, these kind of guys.

Q. Is he going to be a player that for the top players like yourself, if you got him in the first round, you're going to think, "Oh, no"?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I don't know about that. I think a lot of us would definitely see it as a challenge, you know. The year I won Wimbledon, I played Jonas Bjorkman. I know he's not in the same quite caliber as Henman, but still a tough first round. He just won Nottingham.
Sometimes that kicks you into gear, I guess. You got to concentrate and go out there and play some of your best tennis early on, and sometimes that helps you out later in the tournament.
He's definitely going to be one of the dangerous floaters, that's for sure.

Q. If you could look ahead to the possible two finalists. Your record against both of them is heavily weighted in your favor, but they have won on the last occasion. Can you look at the two of them, Roddick and Blake?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, well, no matter which one I play, it's gonna be a tough match. I guess their confidence -- they're confident for different reasons. James, obviously, because he's had such a great year so far and finished the year so well at the end of last year, so he's just naturally playing confident on really any surface at the moment. Whereas Andy, he's sort of getting his confidence back coming on a grass court again, and obviously coming to a place where he's played so well.
You know, they're similar in the fact that, you know, the serve and the forehands are two big areas, and that's what I've got to try and counterattack as much as possible and get as many balls back as possible.
If I go out there with the attitude -- I felt like I was hitting the ball extremely well, especially in the first set there today. If I can play like that, then I'm going to give them a run for their money.

Q. Were you surprised at all Mark got a Wimbledon wildcard?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Uhm, I was only surprised after what you guys told me about Mark got told he wasn't getting one or whatever.
So, you know, I hadn't really thought about it too much, and then obviously I heard that he got one. So, you know, that's great for him, and it makes it a lot easier just to focus obviously on, you know, going out there and, you know, not having to worry about grinding out three qualifying matches, I guess. It's not easy to go and play at Roehampton. Not quite the same situation you find at Wimbledon.

Q. Which of the three top Britons would you least like to face at Wimbledon: Murray, Rusedski or Henman?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I don't know. I'd take my chances against either of them.
But they're all tough in their own way. You know, Greg's obviously dangerous with his lefty serve, you know. It's different to most guys' serves out there on tour.
You know, Murray is going to -- even though his confidence is probably not at the highest level right at the moment, playing your home Grand Slam, you lift.
Tim is probably, obviously out of the three of them, playing the best tennis right at the moment.
So they're all not easy draws, I wouldn't say, for seeded guys early on.

Q. Can I just ask you, going back to the qualifying at Roehampton, when was the last year you played there, and what do you remember of it?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I only played it once in '98. I lost to Nicklas Kulti first round. You know, the courts were pretty average back then. I don't know how much better they are now.
But, you know, it's a hard slog to get through, qualifying out there. You know, I'd say for any guys that qualify, it's a huge satisfaction to get through from playing at Roehampton on some dodgy grass courts to going to play on lush Wimbledon grass courts.

Q. Is tomorrow a nice way to be spending Father's Day?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Is it Father's Day?

Q. It's Father's Day here tomorrow.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Here, oh. Poor me, huh (smiling)?

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Re: Lleyton's Press Conference


June 18, 2006, Final

Lleyton Hewitt - James Blake 6-4 6-4


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Lleyton, please.

Q. First title in a while. Must be pretty pleased that it's come here?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Oh, yeah, it's always nice to be playing on, you know, the last Sunday of a tournament, of any tournament. And, you know, this place has always been pretty special to me. You know, I really enjoy coming back here every year.
You know, sort of the same this year, I've got better as the week's gone on. And that's sort of been in the past as well when I've had to play Sampras and Henman and these guys in the semis and finals here, I've got better as the week's gone on. Hopefully, it's going to lead to good preparation for a week's time.

Q. What does this do for your Wimbledon confidence?

LLEYTON HEWITT: It doesn't hurt it, you know. I felt like in Paris I was hitting the ball well. It was a matter of trying to take that confidence after not playing a whole heap of tennis for a few weeks and sort of working, you know, getting confident on my ankle as well. And, you know, that's got better and better.
You know, I think once I started feeling like I could move a hundred percent out there, then it made life a lot easier for me to play my best tennis out there. And, you know, today, I felt like I played pretty flawless tennis for most of it. You know, I was pretty happy with the way that I struck the ball. I served really well and put pressure on his serve as much as possible.

Q. When was the last time you felt in this sort of groove where it just seemed to click and you're feeling good about it and don't have to worry about the ankle or anything like that?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Uhm, it's hard to say, you know. Last year, it was a different year I guess because I sort of had these little periods where I had time off and I came here to London. I actually felt like at Wimbledon last year I was hitting the ball really well considering that I'd only played Queen's before that. I had a break from Indian Wells to Queen's through two different injuries.
Obviously, before that was sort of the Australian Open and Indian Wells, where I made both the finals there, and won Sydney. That was probably the last time that I actually was able to get on a bit of a run, I guess.

Q. As someone who's as competitive as you are, Lleyton, not having won your last four finals, was it beginning to get to you a little bit? Or you knew at some stage it would

LLEYTON HEWITT: It was frustrating, you know, in terms of the finals that I've lost have, you know, all been, you know, tough matches. And, you know, against Murray it could have gone either way, six in the third. Against James in Las Vegas, I had chances early in the third set and ended up losing there, one break. Obviously, Safin in the final of the Aussie, and Federer in the final of Indian Wells.
It hasn't been that I've played poorly in those finals, but if you keep putting yourself in those situations, then hopefully, you know, you're gonna come out on the right side of it.
It's nice to win here, though, for a fourth time as well.

Q. How much of a step up do you think you made today compared with yesterday and the rest of the week?

LLEYTON HEWITT: From my first match to today has been a big step up. You know, I felt like, you know, I really felt at home out there today on the court. You know, it was pretty much, you know, the way that I've played in the past here when I've beaten good grass court players.
Yesterday I felt like I was striking the ball well. It was a different kind of match, I think. I had probably early chances in the second set against Tim and wasn't quite able to take them.
But, you know, the way that I came out at the start against Tim was similar to the way I played for both sets out there today.

Q. In this next week, this week off, what will you concentrate on? Will there be anything specific that you'll want to work on before the start?

LLEYTON HEWITT: No, just sort of trying to keep the rhythm there now more than anything. You know, as I said, I felt like I was striking the ball well in Paris, especially in my last two matches against Hrbaty and Nadal. It was a matter of bringing that on to the grass, and I think I've been able to, you know. Since adjusting from clay to grass, I think the actual ball-striking has still been the same. Now I just feel a lot more comfortable having five tough matches on this surface.
So it's a matter of just, I guess, keeping your confidence up and, you know, staying relaxed and, you know, putting in enough time on there not to lose touch as well of the good things that I've done this week.

Q. Is this on a par, your form, with 2002, better or worse?

LLEYTON HEWITT: You know, the way I've played the last few matches, the last couple of matches anyway, I think ball-striking-wise, it's the same as when I won here, you know, the three times before.
Uhm, you know, obviously, you know, Federer is going to be the guy to beat at Wimbledon. You know, who knows if I have to meet him in a quarter, semi, or final if I get there.
But Grand Slams are funny things. You have to try to find a way to get through the first week and put yourself in a position in the second week, and a lot of strange things happen.

Q. Obviously, you don't lack confidence because you don't go on the court without that confidence, but how excited are you about the chance you've given yourself over the coming weeks now by this win, and the confidence boost you take with you?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, well, I feel confident. You know, I guess over the last year or so there's been times where I felt like I've hit the ball extremely well and, you know, I felt like I came awfully close to knocking Roger off in the semis of the US Open last year as well. There's been times where I just haven't been able to put a whole string of tournaments together, I guess, due to small niggling injuries.
You know, this is obviously, you know, a small ankle injury going into the French wasn't the ideal preparation, but I feel like I've been able to turn that around now. Now it's heading in the right direction, so hopefully I can keep it going.

Q. Nice to share it on a you said on the interviews it's not Father's Day in Australia, but nice to share it with family?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, it's great. This is the first title I've obviously won since being married and having Mia. So, you know, it's nice to have them here with me, that's for sure. You know, apart from I guess winning a Grand Slam, this is probably the next best tournament, I think, for me.

Q. How does the field at Wimbledon stop Roger Federer this year?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I don't know. No one's been able to do it the last three years. So no one's really come that close either, I don't think.
He's obviously had a few hiccups this week in Germany, but he still finds a way to win. That's why he's the best player in the world. It's gonna take someone to play an awfully good match, especially over five sets, to beat him at Wimbledon.

Q. Is there a preferable time to meet him in a tournament, semis, quarters?

LLEYTON HEWITT: No, not really. Up till the French Open, Roger had never lost, you know, a Grand Slam final before, so he's obviously extremely good in big matches, I think. You know, the last two years at Wimbledon I've lost to him in the quarters and the semis, so it would be nice for me to meet him maybe in the final.

Q. With the seedings for Wimbledon and the formula, first part of the question is do you agree that it is something different rather than just going with the rankings for the seedings? And where would you think you should be seeded? Roddick was saying yesterday that he doesn't see it as a shoo-in for him to be No. 2 when you consider Nadal's performance even though it's on a different surface. Looking at yourself, firstly, the formula then, where do you think you should be?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Obviously, you know, it's a bit strange last year to be No. 2 in the world and drop down after you've -- apart from Roger, I've been the last person to win the tournament. I find that a bit strange. I think that's probably the first time that something like that's happened, though. It's normally, you know, people that have done well or won the tournament move up, not down.
So, for me, that was obviously a bit strange last year. You know, I wouldn't have a clue points-wise what the formula does or where it puts you or whatever. I wouldn't have the slightest idea.
So, you know, obviously, Roger and Nadal are that far ahead of anyone else in actual points that I find that - I don't know how it works - but I'd find it hard for Andy to catch Nadal. You know, I'm not sure how the point system works, though. But, yeah, Nadal is No. 2 for a reason, and, you know, he probably deserves to be the No. 2 seed, I think.

Q. Where do you think you should be?

LLEYTON HEWITT: No, I got no idea, mate.

Q. Are you following the soccer results?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, absolutely. You guys don't want to talk about the rugby, so talk about the soccer (laughing).
You guys must be a bit worried about meeting us (smiling).

Q. You went to Roger after as well. Is it good for him that you've got a title now?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, it's always good. Roger and I get along extremely well, you know, on and off the court. You know, he's a lot more than just a tennis coach for me. You know, he's been fantastic in my corner. He does a lot more work than any tennis coach that I've had in the past as well. He really is a full package for me.
It's always nice to do well. Obviously, it's disappointing when I made a few finals and came awfully close to the Australian Open, the big one that we wanted. It's nice to get back in the winner's circle. I'm sure he enjoys it.

Q. Is there any way you can sort of control what would be a bit of a circus around you and the family? Have you thought about how you're going to protect yourself from a bit of intrusion?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Intrusion? I just worry about playing my tennis matches.

Q. Doesn't faze you at all?


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Re: Lleyton's Press Conference


June 24, 2006

Lleyton Hewitt


Q. (Inaudible.) (Question about Agassi's announcement?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I just heard it five minutes ago, obviously he'll go down as one of the most guys that changed our sport in many ways; not only the way he played the game, but the way that he conducted himself both on and off the court; the kind of character that he was for us as well. There's not too many more recognizable people out there, I think, in tennis. The sport probably owes a lot to him.

Q. What was your reaction to it when you first heard it?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Not that surprised, you know - was going to happen sooner or later.
From what I understand, it is after the US Open, I think, seems like a pretty good place, obviously, after he made a great run there last year and he had had a lot of success there, so yeah, seems like a pretty fitting place to play your last tournament.

Q. Do you have any significant memories yourself; one thing that stands out about Agassi's career?

LLEYTON HEWITT: One of the biggest weeks for me was my first tournament in Adelaide when I beat him. Not one of his best memories, I wouldn't think. For me, he was an idol growing up; a guy that I looked up to and especially playing on a grass surface as well, a guy that I drew a lot of confidence watching win Wimbledon and doing well here for so many years considering pressure from the back of the court; especially against Sampras and Ivanisevic and these kind of guys.

Q. After your chance at Queens, how are you feeling coming into Wimbledon and perhaps you can compare to the last two, three years since you last won the title, how good are you feeling right now?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I feel like I am hitting the ball well at the moment and it's hard going into Paris not 100% physically fit, but I felt like ball-striking-wise I was hitting the ball well, and yeah, I have tried to bring that same mentality into the grass court. I got better with every match. I felt a little bit rusty in the first match on grass, which is to be expected, but got better as the week went on.
By the end of it, I was playing some pretty good tennis out there. This last week has been a matter of just trying to keep that same rhythm going that I was able to do at Queens and trying to keep the confidence up there.

Q. Your thoughts on Volandri?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Never played against him. I wouldn't think grass is his favorite surface, but me out of anyone I think know that you can't take anyone lightly in this tournament. He's a talented base liner; has got good feel around the court; good hands. His serve, I wouldn't think is his biggest weapon. I will try to exploit it as much as possible.

Q. You have won Wimbledon. You know what it takes to win Wimbledon. What do you have to do to do it again this year?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I am not sure, you know, first week is a matter of getting through it and then, yeah, anything can happen in the second week. Obviously the last couple of years, yeah, I have come close in the quarters and semis. It was just one player was too good. It's a matter of trying to put yourself in that position again and giving yourself another crack at it.

Q. Is that one player still too good?

LLEYTON HEWITT: You have got to keep putting yourself in that position to find out. Yeah, it's going to take -- any person that's going to beat him in the next two weeks is going to have to play an extremely good match, and probably some of their best tennis.

Q. Having won it once, Lleyton, how sort of motivated and hungry are you to win it again? Perhaps having won it when you did, quite an early age as well, when you did, did it sort of go past you quickly? Would you like to have another crack at it and maybe absorb it a little bit more next time?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I think every time you come back here you want to win it. Yeah, every time you walk in the gates, I think it is probably more special after you have performed well here; especially won here, you know, it's probably a more special place to walk into and, you know, the memories, I guess, come back a lot more when you have had good memories at any place. And this being one of the pinnacles of our sport, you want to try to put yourself in the position to be there on the last day, Final Sunday, but it's never easy.

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Re: Lleyton's Press Conference


June 30, 2006, 2nd Round

Lleyton Hewitt - Hyung-Taik Lee 6-7(4) 6-2 7-6(6) 6-7(5) 6-4


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Lleyton Hewitt.

Q. Your thoughts on surviving that one?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Well, that's all it really was, survival sort of out there. You know, it was a strange sort of match yesterday. Sort of continued on the start in today's match as well. I felt like I had so many breakpoints out there and just wasn't able to take it. You know, I was a little bit lucky to get out of the third set yesterday. But then, you know, I had so many breakpoints, felt like I was the better player throughout the whole fourth set, even served for the match. You know, then to come back today at two sets all, sort of it's a new ballgame again.
So, you know, I made it tough for myself, that's for sure.

Q. Is your mental preparation for sort of like a one-set sort of shoot-out, is that any different to the normal match?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I think so. Obviously, there's a lot more on the line getting off to a good start. Yesterday when we went out the start of the match, you know, I came out aggressive and put pressure on him, had him 15-40, had a second serve, made a cheap error on that. He was able to hold. Then he came out, played a great game the next game and broke me. That was something that was in the back of my mind today when I went out there, I didn't want the same thing to sort of happen.
The second game out there today, I had Love-40 and wasn't able to take my chances. You know, thank God I got that first match point.

Q. Did you sleep easy last night knowing it was in the balance?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Not too bad. Obviously, a little bit frustrated that I didn't close it out last night. You know, I didn't feel like I played great yesterday. But he's a hell of a shot-maker. You know, he comes up with great shots. He's a great mover around the court. He doesn't take too many steps backwards. He served well, especially on big points yesterday. Didn't give me too many second serves.
So, you know, you're sort of in two minds last night. You know, slightly disappointed, but then still knowing that, you know, you still got a chance to go out there and get her all right at 1:00 today. I was ready to go as soon as I went out there.

Q. Usually you come here, weather permitting, you have your day on, day off, obviously you would have a routine you'd use. How difficult is it this year when it's all crunched up at the end of the week and you're spending a lot of time waiting to get on court?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, it's been totally different this year. Yeah, I guess the night before you have to play the match the next day, you focus, you massage, you're eating, everything is sort of based around your time of play the next day. Sort of all started when I was scheduled to play, but didn't know a time or a court that I was going to play on. You have to prepare as though you're going to play that day. But didn't end up coming. So basically it feels like I've been having to prepare for every day, you know, and it's going to be the same tomorrow.
At least I'm getting used to it. You know, hopefully, weather permitting, if I can get through tomorrow, I can get a day off.

Q. What can you tell us about the little guy Olivier Rochus you're going to face in the next round?

LLEYTON HEWITT: He's one of the most talented guys out there. Obviously, he's not the biggest and strongest, but he takes it to you out there. He's a shot-maker, as well. He doesn't have the biggest serve out there. But from the back of the court, he's very capable. He volleys well, as well. Obviously, his movement's a big part of his game, as well, being that small. But he's a tough player to play against.

Q. Are you aware he had four match points against Federer in Halle a couple days ago?


Q. I guess that says it all?

LLEYTON HEWITT: That's the kind of results that he's capable of, for sure. Then he got killed last week against López, so try and work that out.

Q. Has it made a difference this year having your family in tow?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Not really, not once I get to the courts. It's a matter of me trying to concentrate on what I've got to do.

Q. Are you in the same lodgings as your daughter? Is she keeping you up or anything?

LLEYTON HEWITT: No, she's fine.

Q. A bit more relaxing away from the courts to have the family there with you?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, it is, I think. Yeah, it's not so much about tennis. You sort of forget about the tournament a lot of the time. Yeah, it's amazing how quick, you know, a few hours can go, though, when you're playing with your child, so.

Q. Do you find you're less likely to stew on a bad set or missed opportunity because you go back and play with your daughter?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I don't know. I'm not really sure. You know, I guess I think any sportsman is disappointed though, you know, after they haven't done something right out there on the match or whatever. Yeah, sure, when you get home, it's all in perspective in a lot of ways.
Yeah, every person, top athlete, they're competitive and want to win and want to get the best out of themselves every time they step on the court. If that doesn't happen, you know, you're always going to be a little bit disappointed for a little while.

Q. Sort of mellows you out, the fact you have your family there, just a relaxing sort of way

LLEYTON HEWITT: It's relaxing when I get off the court, you know. When I come to the courts, whether it's practice at Aorangi or playing at match courts, it's business as usual.

Q. Roger said the other day that he still considers you one of the biggest threats. Do you ignore that or do you take that as a compliment or what?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Well, I guess you take it as a small compliment. It's a long way to go, you know, to Sunday week. Right at the moment I don't have to worry about Roger. If it comes to that, you know, it won't be an easy match-up, that's for sure. But I've got a lot of hurdles before I get to him.

Q. When you play against a guy like Rochus, who you say is a shot-maker, do you make a conscious choice to play a bit more conservative, keep the ball in and wait for the error, or just the way the point develops?

LLEYTON HEWITT: It's a tough one because, yeah, at the back of your mind you're thinking that it's got to go off a little bit. Guys that are great shot-makers do make some more errors, as well, when they're going for it.
But, yeah, you don't want to just go out there and try and rally and keep the ball in play, either, because that gives them their opportunity to play with a bit of flair out there, you know, attack those half short balls, as well. That's where I could have probably taken it to Lee a bit better I think yesterday. Today I felt like I did it better in the one set that we played today than the one yesterday.

Q. What were your emotions at the end? You seemed a little bit more fired up than usual?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Than usual (smiling)? Yeah, sometimes I just get fired up. Depends on the spur of the moment.

Q. Relief?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Oh, yeah, it was obviously a tough situation, coming out and playing one set to stay in Wimbledon. You know, I don't think it was easy for either of us. But that's what you got to keep in your mind, as well, that you're both in the same situation.

Q. How much of a boost of confidence was it to win a tournament again, especially on grass?

LLEYTON HEWITT: It was good. It was good. I love playing at Queen's. It's always nice to play well. I have some more success at a place that you've done well at in the past. I really enjoy this month in London. Yeah, it was a good one to get under my belt.

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Re: Lleyton's Press Conference


July 1, 2006, 3rd Round

Lleyton Hewitt - Olivier Rochus 6-1 6-4 6-4


THE MODERATOR: Afternoon, everyone. Questions for Lleyton Hewitt, please.

Q. Serving the most impressive thing for you today?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, it was good. I mixed it up well. You know, probably went off in patches, you know, throughout the third set. But, you know, when I needed to I served well apart from that one game I lost. I just didn't make any first serves.
But, yeah, overall my whole game, I felt like I was putting a lot of pressure on him right from the start today.

Q. You looked pretty relaxed out there. Would that be fair to say?


Q. Yeah.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Well, I don't know. As relaxed as I guess you can be in third round of Wimbledon. I don't think anyone's that relaxed out there. But I got off to a good start as well, so that obviously gave me a lot of momentum. I just tried to keep it going from then on.

Q. Is there some sense of relief to have a bit easier time of it today?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Oh, it was nice to get through it, especially the conditions out there today, it was pretty hot. To go five sets in today's heat would probably take a bit out of you. It's nice I've had a tough one that I got through. It's nice to bounce back this way. But, you know, there's still a big job ahead of me.

Q. Your opponents are in the fifth now. Ferrer or González, what can you tell us about either of those in terms of your experiences?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Uhm, yeah, I've seen González play a little bit on grass. I've never seen Ferrer play on grass. González is a talented ball-striker. He hits the ball as big as anyone out there. He's another shot-maker. He's going to go for it out there and pull the trigger on every shot and look for a lot of forehands. You know, he mixes up, slices well and moves pretty well.
Ferrer, from what I've seen on hard court and clay, you know, he's gonna be looking for his forehand as much as possible. You know, his backhand is just a rally shot. So, yeah, he's very competitive, though, Ferrer, and very fit. So, you know, five sets out there today, probably -- I think he'd bounce back pretty well from it, though.

Q. The González forehand, is that almost unique in tennis?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, that's -- it's probably the biggest forehand out there, you know. Nadal's forehand is big but it's got a lot more spin on it, whereas González, his is heavy and nearly every time, no matter where he is on the court, he'll go for it. You got to expect that he's gonna hit a lot of winners against you but it's a matter of trying to weather the storm as much as possible as well.

Q. Where do you think your game is compared to 12 months ago? How do you fancy your chances going into the second week?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, some matches have been better than others. My first round and today was a lot better standard for me than my second round. You know, it's hard to compare last year, you know. There was a couple matches that I played extremely well, a couple that I could have played a little bit better but got through them.
You know, going into the second week, though, you can't win a tournament in the first week. So it's good to be through now, you know, to the round of 16 on Monday. But you don't want to take anything for granted either.

Q. How do you spend the rest day? Put your feet up?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, just have a massage and get some food into me. Yeah, it's already nearly 5:30, so it's a bit of a different situation, I guess, here at Wimbledon. They keep playing to sort of 9, 9:30 so it's pretty late days before the end of it.

Q. With the injuries you've had, do you feel you're completely over them now and getting back to your best form?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, well, touch wood, the injuries that I've had, you know, they're frustrating and that, but they've been very small things as well that haven't really -- it's not like Safin that's had a knee problem, had to have surgery and stuff like that, which, yeah, it's been good but also it's kept you off the court at different times and made it awkward to play your best tennis all the way through.
You know, obviously spraining my ankle in Austria was, you know, a bit of an issue for me, but that's a hundred percent now, which has been good.

Q. Local support today. How big a part do you think they played?

LLEYTON HEWITT: It's good. Court 2, haven't played out there for a few years. Played my first round out there. There was a lot of Australians out there, which is nice. A lot of good support. You know, I know Philippoussis played a lot of big matches out there over the years. And, you know, the Australians always seem to come out in force, especially in that top area up there, which is nice.

Q. Is that the most you've ever known to come out and support you?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I don't know. There's obviously been big times, Centre and Court 1 are a lot tougher to get into than Court 2. The boys can have a few drinks up there and enjoy themself. Especially in the heat today, they would have to drink a bit.

Q. Is it quicker on 2 than 1?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Hard to say. I think Court 1 is probably going to be quicker again today than it was the last couple of days. But today Court 2 is definitely a bit quicker. But it was a bit slippery as well at the back of the court. Rochus slipped over a couple of times. I sort of nearly was going to slip a couple times and was able to just keep my footing. I think the courts are really drying out at the back there. It was sort of like grass clippings behind the baseline, which was sort of hard to keep your footing sometimes.

Q. Have played a shot-maker like Lee in the second round, do you take anything out of that you can put into practice against González on Monday?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, a little bit. I've got to try to take it to González, you know, as much as possible. I played him on clay a couple times, World Team Cup and stuff like that. He loves it when he has the opportunity to dictate play. You know, I've played him in Rotterdam on a quicker court indoors. I stepped it up against him and didn't give him as much time. That's what I've got to try and do as much as possible.

Q. Is it something you have to will yourself to do; not your natural instinct?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Not necessarily. When I'm playing confident, when I'm playing and believing in my shots, it happens pretty automatic out there for me. Hopefully, that's the case on Monday.

Q. Ferrer has just got through.

LLEYTON HEWITT: He won, did he? There you go. Forget everything I said (smiling).

Q. Any more thoughts on him, Ferrer, now that he's through?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I've never played him. Yeah, to his credit, though, he's had a lot of good results on hard court. You know, clay is obviously his best surface. But, you know, Miami he's done well the last two years. US Open last year he had a pretty good run. He's a tough player on all surfaces, I think, and he's very competitive. I've never seen him sort of go away in matches. You know, two sets to love down there today and come back and beaten González, so, you know, it's gonna be a dogfight out there. Hopefully on grass I can put him under a little bit more pressure.

Q. Nadal just had an impressive win over Agassi. Do you see any reason why a guy like Rafael can't adapt his game and some day produce his best tennis at Wimbledon?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I don't know if he'll ever produce his "best" tennis at Wimbledon purely because he's so good on clay and his game suits clay so much. But there's no doubt that, you know, why he shouldn't be in semis and finals of Wimbledon. He moves extremely well. You know, obviously his serve, you know, on grass, you can maybe take a little bit more advantage of than on clay or hard court.
But, yeah, he's a class player, you know. I've played Moya and Ferrero and these guys on grass. They're all good enough players to adapt to it, and there's no reason why Nadal can't either.
It's probably a little bit more of experience, but, you know, to go out there and beat a guy like Agassi in straight sets in Centre Court and with everything that's going on behind the match as well, then it's a pretty impressive win.

Q. You said Ferrer is going to be a bit of a dogfight against him. What is it you love so much about that sort of match where it's not so much a battle of skill but more of wills where you're just into each other? What appeals to you so much about that?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Well, I'd prefer to win in straight sets if I can, go out there and cruise through. But, yeah, I guess, you know, just being competitive out there, you know, that never-say-die attitude.

Q. You seem to be able to step up to it better than most blokes.

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I don't know why. Maybe it's just, yeah, something I was born with. But I got no idea why.

Q. How difficult is it to prepare mentally to play five days in a row?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Uhm, yeah, it's not easy. You know, every sort of, you know -- every night before you go to bed and, you know, you eat what you need to for the next day, you sort of are focusing on what you have to do the next day and preparing to play a match. So, yeah, it hasn't been easy. It's nice to get a day off tomorrow and just relax a little bit, think about what I got to do on Monday.

Q. Did you need to change your tactics at all to play the shortest man on the tour?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Uhm, not really. You know, he's a great competitor and he's had good results on all surfaces but he's had some big upsets here over the years. He beat Magnus Norman when Norman was No. 2 in the world. He's beaten Safin here when he was top four or five in the world. I was very wary of going out there today of the class of player that he is and, you know, I was fortunate enough to get away with a straight-sets win.

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