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Originally Posted by Jule81
hey it´s a great reason you have for your height , i´m actually only 1,61m but i don´t have a twin sister to "excuse" that, what a shame, hee! but even though i´m so small, people mostly think i´m older than i am...back when i was 15-17, it was nice but it´s getting worse with every year, i don´t wanna look like i was 30 already if i´m not get presents for sint nicolas (nice name by the way ) on dec. 5th? over here it´s on the 6th, interesting how different the habits are!
I like being small, I can wear all the shoes I want without worrying if I'm too tall . And everyone thinks I'm cute and people want to lift me up at concerts and stuff . Sometimes I even get the reduction for kids, because they think I'm younger than I am . Ofcourse I don't go against it then .

Yeah, in every country it's different. It's called present's eve here, I gave a rough translation for the Dutch word 'pakjes avond' where 'pakjes' means presents and 'avond' means eve .

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