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Re: Swiss Davis Cup Team

|| Day 3 || 25 – 09 –2005 || Maybe Friday could be better… ||

After another short night (Steffi and I couldn’t stop talking till 2.15 am ) we arrived way too early at the stadium. Actually we were the first fans and we couldn’t even enter. And once we finally could go in, we were not allowed to go to center court till an hour later. But then we were the first ones to arrive there and could stand in the first line to take some good pictures of Stan and George, who were practicing. Ste and I stayed in the first line to take some pics of Chiudi when he entered the stadium with the other players, before we did go back to our seat.
The first match was really nice, George played really good. And it was an easy match. I really had fun during this match following the Swiss players box, where they were laughing a lot. And I just loved the text on the big screen ”Com’ on Georgi boy” It was a really nice match to follow, a lot better than the 2nd match, of Stan. But that was prolly coz the atmosphere was a bit gone, and coz I had my eye on Marco all the time, really, seemed he was hardly following the tennis and talking all the time. And it was so cute when Roger did put his hand on Marco’s head/neck
After the match I became a bit unsure, all could enter the apero. But I had to wait outside. And it would be like impossible to contact Marco now. So I did “put on” my best face and asked if I could enter, coz Marco was going to try to get me in and I didn’t want to wait for him. And I dunno what it was, but they did lemme enter. And I am so happy they did, coz it was lovely. even while I didn’t understand any word of what they said. All the players were happy, smiling and singing. And even while I tried to get a picture of Roger all the time, it was Marco my camera could find. Seems it knows who I am “loving” so much
The players did leave again without signing or “giving” photos. And it seemed most fans were a bit disappointed of that. And they were standing behind the door for a while to see if they could go outside to the players, but were not allowed. But the door was a bit open and the others saw Marco was still standing there and they made me move closer so I could see him, and then they opened the door to let someone inside and Marco did see me. And he smiled, when I waved at him. With his eyes he said “please come outside” so I did go through the door. But the security stopped me, even while I said “Marco is asking me to come”. Luckily Marco helped and said I was allowed to come outside. That felt really special, me, lil Yvo from Holland, was the only one allowed to go outside to talk to Marco. He gave me a hand again and we talked for about five minutes about several things. But sadly Michael asked marco if he would come, and Marco said “sorry” that he had to leave. I asked him if I could take one last picture of him, and he asked me if I didn’t want to be on it as well, so of course I couldn’t say no to that. But I was so stupid!!! I thought I was standing on his right side and moved to the other side coz I didn’t want to be near his injured shoulder, but of course, as you can guess now, this other side was his right one
But he didn’t mind and put his arm around me again. Wow he really is too good to be true. So we said goodbye and he said ‘see you again’. I could only reply with “hopefully”, but he seemed to be sure that we would meet again
When I came back inside they all said that Chiudi really is nice to me, and yes he really is. I am only becoming a bigger and bigger fan

So I would say that in general, this trip was even better than I could have dreamed off. Before the weekend I was already happy if I could see Marco or Roger from distance. But really, never expected that I would have the chance to talk to him more than once. After such weekend I got the feeling that I must’ve been the luckiest girl in the crowd. It was great to be there, to meet so many Roger-fans from I would love to go back to Switzerland soon, esp. for Swiss tennis, so I better start saving my money!

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