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Re: Swiss Davis Cup Team

|| Day 2 || 24 – 09 – 2005 || Swiss power ||

Surprisingly I woke up quite early, while we did go to sleep after midnight. And Ste and I had a “full with jokes conversation” right away. And laughed a lot already before getting ready for breakfast. Around 11 did we leave to the stadium and I wanted to go to center court directly, but Ste was in doubt if that would be a good idea. (I still don’t understand why “why Ste?! ) But I did do what I wanted, and I am sure that was a good idea. George and Michael were having a practice, and more important, Marco was watching. So I took some pics of all of them, wow Michael is hotter than I thought, he is my 3rd fave Swiss now. Esp. when he’s drinking he is soooo hot see the photobucket link I’ll post later
Marco was chatting with someone of the team and did bow down all the time, and we got to see a part of the skin of his back all the time. Ste and I had to same thought, and really would love to ‘punch’ him there After a while this man he talked to pointed at us that Marco should look at us for a picture. And when Marco turned around his smile grow bigger, because he recognized us. The picture did get so…
Not too much later the double match started and it really was a lot different than the single matches, because it was a really close match. But getting closer to the end, Yves only got to play better, so Switzerland did win in 4 sets! Switzerland did win the whole tie! After the match we stayed quite a while singing and making noise. So far this weekend was just perfect!
With quite some fans we waited for the swiss players to get out of the “non fans area” but, while we were standing there, they left on the side far away from us. Just waving at us. But I did not really mind, coz I already had what I wanted. I am wondering what tomorrow will bring…

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