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Okay, I did already post the report in my blog, but I'll post it here as well:

|| Day 1 || 23-09-2005 || Not a bad day, quite cute… ||

After a really short night, I nervously woke up at 4 am, ready for the big weekend, the countdown was over. But till I would meet ste irl would still take quite some hours. The drive to schiphol, and the flight to Geneva did luckily go quick, and before I knew Ste was standing in front of me. The first minutes were a bit strange, but that was soon over and did we talk a lot. So we did leave our stuff in the hotel and did hurry to the tennis… yes we did hurry, we arrived kinda late. Coz of that I did miss Nathy and ran right away to my seat. And quickly after that the players entered the court, all, but of course I was just looking at the one and only… Marco
We watched the first match, Roger was quick, not just coz he did play wonderful, but more coz the British did suck. I really had fun during this match, joking a bit, shouting, looking at Marco and it was over before I noticed.
We did take a break between the 2nd match and missed the first games of Stan’s match. This match was a lot closer and I have to admit, I don’t remember a lot of it , coz of all what happened after that. But most important is, Switzerland is leading 2-0!
But as you read above, this was not yet all. The matches were over and we (ste and I) were just walking around, doing nothing, when we saw in distance some people standing, a Swiss and English guy walking around so we did go in that direction, wondering if some players might come. And a player did come, not too long later I enthusiastically said to Ste that Marco was coming, and soon Ste saw him as well. To make it better he came to us right away, seemed he really recognized us, he gave us a hand and nicely informed if I had a nice trip and if I was fine. We talked for a few minutes when he sadly had to leave. We did not really have te chance to take a pic with him, but “gosh” what was he looking good! This already totally made my dad, but reading that you can guess it did even get better!
After the meeting with Marco we did go back to the others, who were talking with two guys from TCOB (for those who don’t know: the tennisclub from Marco and Roger). They were kinda surprised to have a Dutch Swiss fan around and were joking with that all the time, and organised another meeting with our Marco. But we were waiting and waiting, while he would come in five minutes and there were feeding me kinda drunk. And after a while they recommended this were clearly “Chiudinelli fünf minuten” I really couldn’t stop laughing anymore. But finally he arrived there, surprisingly, joined by Michael Lammer (wow he is kinda cute as well!). They came to sit next to me, wow so strange that I did sit on the same table with two such cute guys! And when I asked Steffi to take a pic to prove this (coz otherwise nobody would believe me I think ) one of the tcob-guys told us to stand next to them, so we moved, but then they told us we had to sit between them So were looking a bit strange, not knowing what to do, Michael did get an extra seat for Steffi, and Marco just moved a bit so I could sit on the same chair first I looked a bit strange Do I really have to sit there?! but I couldn’t say I didn’t want to, so I did sit down. And to make it “worse” Marco did put his arm around me of course I accidentally forgot to put the flashlight on the camera, so we had to take another pic . That was really a great moment, still start drooling when I think of it . Not too long after that we had to leave the stadium, because it was closed already We said goodbye to Marco, Michael and the TCOB-guys, they said “maybe see you tomorrow” and he (Marco) promised us that he would try everything to make me visit the apero (the others had tickets, but I didn’t) on Sunday. Well this is about it for today, wondering if the next days can be better…

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