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Re: Richard moved to Switzerland?

Originally Posted by delsa
Because it brings lots of money and the Socialists would hit the streets....
Sarko want to diminishe the ISF (Impôt sur la Fortune) so that it doesn't exceed 50% of your earnings and Copé wants to diminish it so that it doesn't exceed 60% of them...
It will change soon maybe. There are other reforms too but well...I don't follow this well at all. It's something like that.
He doesn't mainly lives in Paris. Like the other he can't live more than 6 months a year in France or he'll have problem with the FISC and have to pay the French taxes...
His new house is in Neuchâtel next to Forget's one. There are lot of other French tennis player in Swizerland (and of French ppl too) so he won't be so homesick and he'll play with the fringe of the rules like the other moving there because of money...
I thought someone said that he mentioned before that he still has dinner with his parents.

Anyway, he can't stay at one place for long. He has to keep travelling.
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