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Re: *~*~*~* Indoor Season *~*~*~*

Originally Posted by delsa
Well, that's not what the most of them are saying... They're all doing their best to find reasons to worry, find ways of improving his shots and attitude (because they know better, don't they?...), and analysing his matches, and suggesting that he should do this or that, and "will he be at the Masters?", "i think he shouldn't because he must use the off season to work on his fitness and rest" or "he should maybe if he can this year it will be his only opportunity" and it is interesting (there are very interesting subjects about French tennis etc...) but it goes on and on and on and that's too much speculation for me. My brain doesn't follow.
You can feel the pressure he could have when reading those posts. They're analysing every single moves of his...
Lots of hopes, lots of criticism (in the good neutral sense), lots of speculation, anticipation, scrutinazing, "adoration" threads too...
Yes. A lot of them are trying not to get their hopes up, but you can feel that a lot of them are expecting a lot from him. There's even a thread "Federer et Gasquet" or something like that. There are some who even think that Richard is at the stage Federer was a few years ago and will be #1 in a few years...

Maybe it's not as bad as I made it out to be, but there's a lot more pressure on him in that forum as compared to on MTF.
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