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Re: Slogan?

Originally Posted by Chloe
Okay, I'll break it down.

There is an english phrase that goes "blow a gasket", which is the equvilant of saying "get really pissed off" or "get really angry and explode", etc. Now, from this you can create "blowing a gasket", which is basically the same thing. This is an awful pun that American commentators have been playing with since Gasquet came on the circuit. However, they, unlike me, have avoided taking that extra step and making it much worse than it ought to be.

So my suggestion was to turn the phrase around, and call yourself Gasket Blowers - or Gasquet Blowers. And you can all have numbers, just like the Fed people.

Strangely enough, I've never come across that phrase before.

Oh, and re-reading your post, I got your dirty joke. I guess I got too caught up in my confusion over what "blowing a gasquet" meant.
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