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Re: Why not a Stan Wawrinka's Forum?

Originally Posted by Chiudi-fan
I know you all got a life outside MTF, but still I just don't understand why she can say anything about a djokovic forum, but not about a stan forum... what's the difference? I am not mad or something, I am just a bit disappointed, coz we asked this way before they asked for the djokovic forum

And yes we got an active Stan forum in the Swiss players section, otherwise we wouldn't ask for a forum
It's nothing personal I promise you.

I jumped in and created the Djokovic forum without looking for earlier requests and threads when perhaps I should have done. And I'm sorry for that. As I said, gravity mostly handles these nowadays so I probably messed with his grand idea to open both forums at the same time.

I've taken a look and you do have a couple of active threads so I'm sure gravity will review this for you when he's back online. And you shouldl get a definite answer yes or no by tomorrow assuming he doesn't go AWOL on me again.
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