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Re: The Picture Thread

Originally Posted by RogiFan88
Violet, of the three, Juanqui, Carlos and Rafa, who is the most popular or considered the HOTTEST by Chinese girls??

sorry for the late reply...I was busy running from the court to school all these past days

I would definetely say JC to ur question, from what I saw and heard. ppl here queued like 20m to JC's autograph session, and whenever he shows, u can hear the screaming. I'd say that many ppl considering Carlos hot, but JC's more like the "dream lover", and about Rafa, he is more like adorable and lovely,hehe.

anyway I think JC enjoy his trip here during the past few days so much, he was like went everywhere with a big smile, he even waved and said "see u guys tomorrow" to the fans who is waiting for him in the hotel several times. And different from last year, I believe he is eager to win, I go watched his match with David, he seems exciting from the beginning. It's good to see him like this. Tomorrow is the final and also the mid-autumn day(a tradition festivel,it's special becoz on this day all the families should be together, it means "be together with the ones u loved") in China, so it's gonna be great if he wins.

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