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Re: Italian Tennis

Originally Posted by piccola_romana
it is a simple problem:
1) our strongest ( ) player is a clay player...volandri.
2) the others players prefer clay to fast court (starace and seppi)
3) the spain isn't strong on clay, she has weak players, nadal? who's nadal?
the obviuos thing to do is choose clay.

then sanguinetti is too old, bracciali cannot play on clay...and this is italian strategy to win (?) davis cup: volandri, starace, seppi, galimberti.

then due to players greedy (they asked 25000 € more each one only to play) FIT decided to talk to players: starace, seppi, galimberti accepted 18750 € each without asking more, but volandri not! he is our best player and he wants to be paid 25000 €!
so barazutti, our captain, and FIT decided to not call volandri and call bracciali.

if from the start FIT decided to play on fast court and call (instead of volandri and starace) sanguinetti and bracciali, maybe we would have a little chanche to wi against spain!
i carn't believe volandri did that, that is no respect for the country. They shouldn't have to be paid anything to play davis cup, it should be considered an honour to represent your country.

In terms of the court, i agree, we should of played in milan on an indoor court with Bracciali, Sanguinetti as the singles players and braccialli and galimberti for the doubles.

FORZA Davide Sanguinetti, Fillipo Volandri, Potito Starace, Daniele Bracciali, Andreas Seppi, Alessio Di Mauro, Giorgio Galimberti, Francesco Aldi, Federico Luzzi, Simone Bolleli, Fabio Fognini
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