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Re: Discuss YOUR tennis

I started around late 2010. Only recently have I begun to play tennis seriously. I'm okay, but I'm not some sort of prodigy at tennis. I am top 25 in my state, and top 200 in the Eastern Section. By the end of the year, I want to be top 100 in Eastern, and top 10 in my state. I only recently started playing USTA tournaments, so I have only 3 tournaments to defend until the end of the year. Hopefully, I keep playing well.
As for my game, I have a crushing flat first serve. (at least for my age) I serve around 90-110 mph first serve. My second serve I try to mix between slice and topspin a lot, it goes around 65-75 mph. I am working on my second serve, as it is a weakness. (inconsistent and slow) I tend to double fault 5 times a match (at the very least) My forehand has a lot of topspin, but I keep it low and deep. My forehand is absolutely better than my backhand, I can hit extreme short topspin angles, and I LOVE crushing the ball. My backhand is a lot more loopy, and I slice it a lot. I also use the old tactic of slice it low, and come into the net. I have very good reaction time, but am rather slow. My volleys are quite good, (though sometimes I become a little trigger happy and attempt a swinging volley) and my smashes are very good also, high, powerful, and extreme angle. I generally am a fast hitter (a.k.a brainless ball basher) but I have been trying to mix it up, and have been trying to get more variety to my game. (which has been helping me improve, and has been successful so far.)
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