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Re: KIWI FANS UNITE!!! (chat thread about whatever)

OMC I remember last USO one of the nites it rained all night and they did that stupid thing where they open up the phone lines so you can call in and talk to JMac and I was like I'M GOING TO CALL AND SAY I WANT TO SEE MATS and then like 5 minutes later Mats was randomly there taking calls with Jmac and I died. I heart Mats

I get excited during the afternoon matches of USO when its JMac and Jim calling matches together... *thud* Throw Mats in the mix and I think I'd die, then bring in Cliffy and PMac and I'm gone

I love how EVERYONE has a secret crush on Patty Mac. It's so funny. Like every girl in the USA loves him but won't admit it. I've noticed that. Cuz I'll randomly be like "sometimes I dream of marrying Patrick McEnroe" and whoever I'm talking to will be like "omc don't tell anyone but I do too!" We are all mental and it's great. I wonder what other countries commentators are like. I love ours though

I was so mad in Montreal this year cuz we had joked around about finding Pmac and Cliffy to meet them, and then on Monday when we were leaving I took a wrong turn and started walking by the door I guess the players go in to go to their special players area, like after they get dropped off, and I literally ran into Brad Gilbert And I just stopped and looked at him, turned around to Jess and Aundra and I was like "GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!" and pointed to him and then looked at him and laughed and then turned around and walked away It was the funniest thing ever. Why couldn't it have been Pmac

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