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Re: KIWI FANS UNITE!!! (chat thread about whatever)

Well... I guess I can let you out of Toronto if you do Cincy You'll be stuck with just me & Jess, unless the twins and Becca want to come to Cincy with us That would be hott.


My stomach hurts And I just spent $200 at Target buying presents for my niece and it's not even her birthday or anything. My mom, before she went to Texas, told me that she was talking to Ellie (my niece) and Ellie told her that her mom wouldn't buy her the toy she wanted at the mall. So I finally got out to Target and went nuts. My sister is going to kill me for sending her all these things but COME ON she is 4! She needs to be spoiled! If my sister & her husband won't do it I will AUNT MARY WINS AT LIFE!!!!!!!

I like Roger in your sig I never noticed him before. I have a crush on him today and I have no idea why. I always heart him cuz he's Roger and you must heart him, but like today I find him hott. It's weird. The end.


And Amanda stop being mean to Johnny Mac. You can make fun of older people if you want, but not JMac, Jim Courier or Mats Wilander They are my old man loves

Bye everyone!!!!!!

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