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Re: Leçons de français, d'espagnol, de russe et d'allemand!! (18+ ONLY)

Originally Posted by silverwhite
Qui veut apprendre le chinois?
Someone asked for a Chinese teacher before in this thread. Would you teach Chinese?

Some of my classmates learn it and tell me it's very beautiful but SO difficult... But thanks God there is no grammar ("conjugaison" that's what i mean...)

Yet there still are all the caracters to learn by heart, the pronounciation, organisation of the sentences wich is so different from the Western one (where is the verb? where is the subject? etc...:retard: ), all the differnet dialects in EACH Chinese city to make you depress when you think you'll be able to communicate with the little you know... and many other things...

One of them told me he first began to learn it by learning only the pronounciation of the different caracters by heart without even knowing their meaning... So they trained to read and read and read over and over again texts without knowing what they said for one year...

Only after they began to put a meaning behind each sign and talk about the organisation of the Chinese sentence, civilisation, traditions etc... (like the fact that they enjoy to complicate things for foreigners by putting proverbs and phrase's signs in the middle of almost every sentence... ...).

Despite all that, i'd still like to learn Chinese one day when i'll have more time.

No way i'll translate all this into French...
Sorry, i won't be a good student this time...
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