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Re: adeegee guarantees to make you a profit......

Originally Posted by Breaker
I know it all worked out in the end, but why did you up your original stake on Agassi after Coria lost? Is the probability of Agassi winning dependent on other results? I think we call this chasing losses, and although it paid off today, one day the shit will hit the fan.

Also, do you normally bet well over 1/4 of your bank on a single bet? Flirting with danger if you ask me.

Anyway, you're ahead and that's all that matters - but when you put yourself on a pedastal, calling everyone else amateurs, and then display traits of an amateur punter (ie. huge stakes on single events and chasing losses) you leave yourself open for criticism

Good luck with your next picks
The unit system with experienced gamblers typically denotes 1 unit as equallying 1% of their kitty.

However on this forum where people bet 150% of the money they have, units obviously mean something else. If Adee is starting with a 500 unit bank, then just divide the factor of units in each bet by 5 to obtain the 'real' stake.

Not that anyone any successful gambler would wager 1/5 his money on such a risky bet. is offline  
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